Lacus went overboard. Each side is worse then the last...

The Quadisaster is a Gladiator Boss in the Extended Tale of Diep. Created by The named Boss. It has 6000 health but takes 33% more damage than usual.



The Quadisaster is a regular circle tank, but thrice the size of a level 45 tank. It is split into quarters by thin gray lines. Each quarter is a different color. The colors are Orange, Yellow, Brown, And Grey.

Orange has 2 destroyer barrels in a twin formation on the front, Two auto gunner barrels mounted on top of it, A huge barrel behind the destroyer twins, and an auto gunner dominator turret mounted on top to top it off.

Yellow has 3 auto manager turrets on top, 6 battleship spawners, a huge spawner, which spawns up to a max of 4 huge drones, which deal a large amount of damage on contact, and an auto barrel, which has a spawner, and 3 spikes behind it, it fires homing missiles, which are red squares with red triangles on them. The homing missiles explode in a radius of 3x3 tiles on contact with anything, dealing light damage.

Brown has 6 spikes spaced evenly on it, a large Lancer which glows orange and is orange itself, which makes people who touch it fly backward and inflicts the burning debuff for 4 seconds. It has 2 auto Lancer turrets mounted on top, but instead of it being gray, the circle parts are brown. When the boss is at 2/3 of its HP, they will fly off and attack players with their lance. They have 3000 HP each.

Grey has a metallic pattern on it, it has 2 auto Rail Gun cannons on the top, which charge up for 3 seconds, then release a blue instant hit laser on the nearest tank. The appearance of the barrel is 2 Knight lances with the curved part facing away from the front, and gray lines connecting the straight part together. It has 2 auto voltage gun barrels, mounted on it like an auto 3 or 5. It also has a giant laser beam on the front of the gray part, which is a huge normal barrel, but it has a red oval on it, it charges up for 4 seconds, and then shoots a red laser that penetrates any tank or polygon, and deals moderate damage if touched.

It has a tiny red circle on the top where the lines meet. All bullets and drones and crap go through all other parts of the Quadisaster, and the reason it has so little health for such a strong boss is because of the fact that only bullets and drones only can deal damage by hitting that red circle.

Spawning Conditions

10 Tears of Panzer must run into Alpha Pentagons and die in the span of 5 minutes. It doesn't matter what Alpha Pentagons, and it will spawn 10 seconds after the last Tear died.


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