The Rapidshot is one of the Lesser Sons that can spawn near the Fortresses as miniboss. Created by Kacperlupa.polska. Image by Diepmon.


The Rapidshot is a bigger, red Gunner with Machine Gun barrel on back. The part of his body behind front barrels is gray, acting as a shield that halves the damage taken.


  • Rapid Fire: Will shoot bullets that inflict Bleeding for 30 seconds. Reload stat is maxed.
  • Mad Barrage: Shoots a series of averege-sized bullets with double the reload. After it ends he gets Broken debuff for 6 seconds.
  • Reversed Knockback: He starts to flash purple for one minute. During this time, his bullets pull tanks towards him instead of pushing them back.
  • Boost: The Rapidshot's Machine Gun barrel will start to shoot for various amount of time, what makes boss faster.
  • Push-over: After losing 50% of his HP, his bullets push tanks much further.
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