The Reactor is one of the many Boss Tanks that exist in the Extended Tale of Diep continuity as a Knight of Panzer that spawns in Fortress Conquest. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Machine Gun. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.

BGM: [1] - Demilitarized Zone by Ethan Meixsell


On the body, there is an Auto Machine Gun Turret with three Machine Gun barrels spaced evenly. The Knight symbol is beneath it on the body itself, which is an arrow pointing down. The main Machine Gun barrel has a biohazard symbol on it, and there are two Destroyer barrels at an angle near the back of the boss. On the very rear, there are 3 Lancer spikes.


The Auto Machine Gun Turret is always spinning slowly and constantly firing on tanks.

Meltdown: Passive ability. This boss can randomly sacrifice 500 HP to increase all its bullets stats by 50% for 10 seconds. Not used below 1/4 health.

Irradiated Charge: Used as a first attack. The Destroyer barrels fire 2 bullets total over 3 seconds at the two tanks with the highest score. The bullets are slow, though, but what makes this attack dangerous is the fact that the Reactor is coming down the hallway BACKWARDS, so the Lancer spikes are rushing towards unsuspecting tanks. The Reactor is using its Machine Gun barrel to produce the recoil needed to propel it down the hallway.

Radiation Burn: The Machine Gun barrel flashes and releases a wave of light-green bullets that on hit give the Poisoned and Slowed debuffs for 8 seconds. Repeated 3-5 times in rapid succession. There are always two holes in the bullet wave that can be used to avoid the negative effects.

Thunderbolt Blast: The Destroyer barrels retract in and an Annihilator barrel pops out of the Machine Gun barrel. A high-speed bullet is shot off, glowing yellow and blue and crackling with electricity. Tanks that are hit by this receive the Paralyzed debuff for 15 seconds and medium-low damage. Quite hard to avoid.

Tipped Off: The Reactor uses its recoil to chase down tanks and ram them into its Lancer spikes. Used for long periods of time.

CORE EXPLOSION IMMINENT: Ultimate attack. The Reactor flashes red and smoke starts coming from it. Tanks have 5 seconds to get to the very edges of the room before the Reactor explodes, instantly killing any tank that didn't make it away from the blast radius.


  • This is by far my favorite of the Knights.
  • The Auto Turret resembles a radiation symbol, as does the barrel arrangement of the main tank, hence the name.
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