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The Satellite is one of the many Extended Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the boss variant of the Guided Torpedo. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Satellite is a white tank with 2 large solar panels on the sides of the tank. On the front of the Satellite is a guided torpedo launcher mounted on a satellite dish.


GPS: Launches guided torpedoes at the rate of a Sniper with max reload. Have fun dodging!

Solar Beam: Fires out a yellow beam of DEATH from the tip of its launcher, then rotates a full 360 degrees before stopping the beam.

Orbital Strike: Fires out all 4 parts of its torpedo launcher. They all home in the same target, like a Predator, only homing and explosive. The launcher regrows immediately.

Solar Recharge: The Satellite's solar panels start to glow and for every second they glow, the Satellite heals for 100 health per glowing panel. It can only be stopped by damaging all 8 solar panels for 1000 each. Once a panel has been damaged enough, it will stop glowing and stop contributing to the healing.

The Satellite with tentacles

The Satellite while using Tentacruelty.

Tentacruelty: Used upon 30% health. 3 tentacles grow from the back of the Satellite and they will grab the nearest tanks, converting them into AI tanks that will assist the Satellite in battle. The players controlling the tanks are not instantly killed however; they can only watch as their bodies start killing tanks against their own will, as they lose all control over their tank. Once an AI Tank is killed, the player regains control of it. AI tanks are marked with a barrel grey body. If the health goes back over 30% the tentacles will retract.

Death animation

The tentacles will retract into its body, followed by the solar panels folding up and retracting into the Satellite's body as well. The guided torpedo launcher also collapses into itself and retracts into the main body too. Finally, the Satellite bursts into flame for about 5 seconds, then it explodes in a white flash. After the white flash fades, there's nothing left but ash.


  • The person that can correctly guess where the tentacle attack comes from, gets a special prize!
    • HINT: It's not the Pokemon.
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