The Sentinel is one of The Forgottens, and can spawn only when all other Forgottens were beaten in the single server. It resembles War Machine. Created by Kacperlupa.polska.

Spawn Message

"The Forgotten Sentinel has spawned!"

Phase 2 Entered Message

"The Sentinel entered phase 2! Everyone run!"

Death Message

"The Sentinel was forgotten once more! Destroyed by [insert player's nickname]"


Phase 1:

Phase 2:


The Sentinel resembles War Machine. It's made of five parts: core, Overseer, Twin, Annihilator and Mega Trapper. Each one has metal pattern on it.


It was a prototype of War Machine I. It wasn't good enough, so Lacus just throwed it into the Arena like he always does. However, The Sentinel had one bad glitch - instead of "attack everything" it had "don't attack everything", so it just was drifting around and being useless. But how it can work out pretty good nowadays? A mysterious tank has found it and repaired the glitch.

The Fight

Phase 1

All pieces slowly rotate around The Core, each of them doing as described below. If one of them takes too much damage, it goes dark gray and stops moving to symbolize turning off.

  • The Barrage: A Twin with Sniper cannons. Can quickly shoot average bullets or slowly snipe with strong bullets.
  • The Minedropper: A Mega Trapper that launches two kinds of traps. One explodes like Mage’s fireball in 10x10 area, the other one releases eight bullets upon destruction.
  • The Wrecker: An Annihilator that shoots out stunning bullets with heavy knockback.
  • The Swarmer: An Overseer that has three kinds of drones to destroy us. One - triangle with auto turret on top, two - square with lance, three - pentagon with Protector shield on front and two Gunner barrers on back.
  • The Core: Giant metalic circle with single laser pod on it. It's invulnerable unltil the next phase......

Phase 2

All four inactive pieces are suddenly online! The Core is now vulnerable, and every part has a special attack that activates at half of health.

  • The Barrage - Pierce Out: For 30 seconds instead of shooting bullets it shoots powerful thin lasers with infinite penetration.
  • The Minedropper - Boom Bunker: Quickly lanches giant traps(even bigger than Mega Trapper's) that forms a ring around the whole boss. After 7-11 seconds, each trap explodes into 16 small bullets. The whole boss stops moving until all traps explode. (LAG CENTRAL)
  • The Wrecker - Bulletception: Blasts off a giant missile with four barrels like on Quad Tank. They shoot big missiles with tri-angle setup that shoot normal missiles. Bullethell in nutshell.
  • The Swarmer - Hexastrike: Pumps out six hexagon drones with four spawners on each that spawn factory minions. Hexagon drones have 6 drones max.
  • The Core - Hidden Power: A big auto turret arises from the metal plate part. It can switch from three Gunner barrels to one Skimmer barrel to five normal barrels spaced evenly.
  • The Core - Last Resort: Used on 2/8 of core's health. Four fallen metalic Spikes spawn and chase tanks. The Core is Armored for the rest of the fight.


  • Yes, I know that "don't attack everything" isn't correct, but it makes more sense as a glitch in programing.
  • The Core is the only part that has two special attacks in phase 2.
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