Template:BossTankThe Sentry is one of the Lesser Sons that can spawn near the Fortresses as minibosses. Created by Kacperlupa.polska. It's the next creation of that scientist that created War Machine. He made The Sentry as mass-produced guard robot.


The Sentry looks like slighty bigger, red Auto 3, but its turrets are Sniper turrets and have circles with colors: green, orange and dark blue, one color for each auto turret. Also, his body has this mechanical/cybernetic pattern like that on The Shifter.


Note: It can't move normally.

  • Take Your Aim: It spins very fast and focuses its shots at nearby player.
  • Laser Scope: It spins fast when its turrets are pointed like on Auto 3's upgrade button. After 3-5 seconds it stops, turrets make a red non-hurting laser as warning for a half of second. After that, a very powerful laser will be shot out.
  • Move Form: Its turrets will draw into The Sentry's body that now can move but can't use attacks mentioned above and can use attacks mentioned below.
    • Ramming Circle: It will try to ram into players.
    • Calculated!: Will try to troll players by avoiding their bullets by zipping from them.
    • Attack Form: Its turrets will be putted up from its body. Now it can't move but can use attacks "Take Your Aim" and "Laser Scope", and can't use Move Form attacks.
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