Template:BossTankAuto Spin: ON

Auto Fire: ON

Absolute Loyalty to Dr. Lacus: ON

The Sentry is one of the Template:C that can spawn near the Fortresses as minibosses. Created by Kacperlupa.polska. It's the next creation of Dr. Lacus. He made The Sentry as mass-produced guard robot. Image by Diepmon.


The Sentry looks like slighty bigger, red Auto 3, but its turrets are Sniper turrets and have circles with colors: green, orange and dark blue, one color for each auto turret. Also, his body has this mechanical/cybernetic pattern like that on Template:C.


Note: It can't move normally.

  • Take Your Aim: It spins very fast and focuses its shots at nearby player.
  • Laser Scope: It spins fast when its turrets are pointed like on Auto 3's upgrade button. After 3-5 seconds it stops, turrets make a red non-hurting laser as warning for a half of second. After that, a very powerful laser will be shot out.
  • Move Form: Its turrets will draw into The Sentry's body that now can move but can't use attacks mentioned above and can use attacks mentioned below.
    • Ramming Circle: It will try to ram into players.
    • Calculated!: Will try to troll players by avoiding their bullets by zipping from them.
    • Attack Form: Its turrets will be putted up from its body. Now it can't move but can use attacks "Take Your Aim" and "Laser Scope", and can't use Move Form attacks.


  • It's the only artificially created Lesser Son (for now).
  • It's also the only Lesser Son who can be in more than one server at the same time. That's because it's mass-produced. For example, you can find a Fortress that is guarded by two Sentries.
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