This is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Archmage. Idea by Diepmon, made by Fall Out Wave. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.


The Seraph is a yellow Archmage with a halo above its head and 6 massive white wings on its back, simple as that. These wings flap at a constant rate during the battle unless specified otherwise.


  • Heaven's Illusion: Passive ability, always active. Every 10 seconds, summons 3 clones that take random positions around it and do EXACTLY what The Seraph does. These clones always take 5 hits to destroy, regardless of damage. Any bullet will only deal damage once to the clones; they immediately disappear afterwards.
  • Smite: Unleashes chain lightning that jumps to up to 15 targets, like a normal Archmage. Used 5-10 times in quick succession.
  • Holy Light: Spreads its wings and glows brightly for 5 seconds, giving Blinded to every tank in front of it for 20 seconds.
  • H.H.G.: Curls up its wings into a ball, then spreads them out as a large homing fireball is fired forwards, and when it makes contact with a target tank, a loud HAL-LE-LU-JAH can be heard as a massive explosion engulfs the tank and everything around it. It isn't an instant kill, but it has large knockback and damage.
  • Cloak: Uses it's top and bottom pair of wings to hide itself, then becomes invisible along with its clones. The Seraph also becomes Invincible, but during this period both The Seraph and the clones do not attack. They are constantly moving and the only way to stop this is to destroy all the clones while they are invisible. The Seraph also does not summon anymore clones until they all die and the attack ends.

Death Animation

Similar to The Lich, The Seraph doesn't die properly. Instead, when it hits 200 health, it becomes Invulnerable, then a large ray of light will descend from the top of the screen and the Seraph will slowly flap its 6 wings and fly up into it, with a chorus of voices chanting in the background: "Kyrie Eleison..."


  • Kyrie Eleison is Latin, and translates to a phrase that you heretics will be saying when Panzer returns from his imprisonment in the Void...
  • I'm pretty sure the H.H.G. reference is obvious enough, is it?
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