No. He's here. Quick. We must hurry. Our defenses will not hold for long. We must go before he br-

The Slaughterer is a boss that has a chance to spawn in any gamemode, with a 0.01% chance to replace any other boss spawn. It can also spawn as an Ultra Boss in Ultra Boss Mode Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Slaughterer is a blood-red tank with an equally blood-red eye in the center. He is absolutely brimming with weaponry, having, in order from bottom layer to top layer:

  1. 8 lances in the arrangement of an Octo Tank. These spin really fast clockwise and do massive damage to those who come into contact with it.
  2. 16 spawners, which spawn AI tanks. These tanks can be any level 45 class with the build 7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7 for non-Smashers, 10/10/10/10 for Landmines and Spikes, or 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 for Auto Smashers.
  3. 3 large "Compound cannons" (see image) in Triple Shot formation facing the front. Each cannon is composed of 2 long sideways trapeziums, a small trapezium between the long ones, and tiny Triplet barrels on the small trapezium. These cannons can aim as if they were Auto turrets, but unless specified, they will remain straight forward.
  4. A set of Booster barrels facing the back. They provide large recoil but have low damage.
  5. 2 Battleship spawners at the back which spawn HUGE drones the size of Arena Closers. Equally fast and high-damaging, too. The only flaw is that they only have the health of a Pentagon.
  6. 2 pairs of trap launchers in Twin formation on the sides.
  7. Another smaller Compound cannon as an actual Auto turret in the back.
  8. 2 floating circles next to him, but not attached to him. They can move independently from the main tank, but they will always stay close to the main tank. They act as his hands. These circles have:
    • Gunner barrels, but each barrel is replaced with a set of Streamliner barrels.
    • 4 lances that rotate similarly to those on the main tank.
    • Booster back barrels.


  • Laser Cannons: His compound cannons (they will be referred to as C-cannons) will fire lasers from them. Each laser inflicts either a 75% speed decrease, a 90% damage decrease or a 50% speed decrease for 3 seconds.
  • Lance Launch: The lances will rotate so that at least one lance is facing a tank. Then, the lance will eject in an attempt to hit the tank. Used 20-30 times in quick succession. The lances will regrow 1 second after launch.
  • Super Spawn: Both the AI tank spawners and the drone spawners glow blue and spawn drones and tanks at a 500% faster rate. After this, it cannot spawn any more drones or tanks for 10 seconds.
  • Drone Detonate: All drones will explode and release a swarm of 100 normal-sized crashers.
  • Precision Strike: All C-cannons (the auto cannon counts too) will aim at one tank. 3 seconds later, they fire a beam at the targeted tank. This is nearly a 100% instant kill, but there are some who can survive this...
  • Cleansweep: His eye will glow white, then start releasing rings of bullets for 10 seconds.
  • Wall Block: Summons 500 traps that form a solid ring around him. Immediately after this, he uses...
  • Wall Shock: All types of ammunition are drawn to the wall, and if they make contact with the wall, then they will become part of the wall. After 6 seconds, he releases the wall as individual bullets, drones, and traps in an expanding ring.
  • SMASH: His "hands" will clap together and release a short-ranged shockwave that deals no damage, but has huge knockback.
  • Megalaser: His 3 C-cannons retract into himself, and a giant C-cannon takes their place. Moments later, a gigantic laser is fired out of the C-cannon.
  • Surprise Swarm: Releases an endless swarm of crashers from his eye that can only be stopped by damaging him. This may sound easy, but he will always use SMASH before he uses this. Him using SMASH does not always mean this will follow though.
  • Overdrive: All weapons fire 1000% faster than normal and do 666x damage for 3 seconds. This makes him use up 5% of his health though.
  • Rocket-Propelled Buzzsaw: Retracts all barrels into his body except for the lances, then re-positions the barrels to his back. Said barrels then create massive recoil for him to ram into tanks.
  • Hunting Season: His hands become individually-functioning AI tanks that cannot be killed. Lasts for 3 minutes.
  • Ow, my eye: Activates when he hits 22200 health. His eye explodes and starts releasing Surprise Swarms until death.
  • OW, my hands: At 11100 health, his hands explode. Cannot use any hand-related attacks.
  • OW, MY EVERYTHING: Death ability. At 0 health, he will warp away in a white flash, giving everyone their promised XP.
  • I WILL BE BACK: Post-death ability that happens 5 minutes after this boss has been killed. Summons one of his hands and unleashes it in the arena as an unnamed boss. This tank has 10000 health and gives 30000 XP on death.


Aside from the XP, when one defeats him, that tank will be granted a +666% attack bonus for the rest of the play session (except in Ultra Boss Mode).

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