"Its here... The Darkness is here... That moron was dumb enough to unleash it... He lost his mind..." ~ Who said this?

Spaceship is a secret Boss that was added on May 24 2017. Its complex attacks, design, and technology are too much for most tanks to handle. It spawns when every boss is defeated, excluding fallen bosses.

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Spaceship is a giant Crasher with an Auto Dominator gun, and 2 grappling hooks at the top front. In the middle are 3 auto guns. The back of it is a spawner and an auto spawner, and there are 2 metal plates that act like shields. At the front there is a guardian on the left and the right sides. At the middle sides is a defender on each side, and at the back, layered behind the spawner, are 2 summoners.


Phase 1

The Spaceship has 270,213 HP, which is higher than Guardian, Summoner, and Defender combined, although it heals slowly. Its auto turrets fire 2x faster than Defenders, and the auto turrets damage is the same. The Auto Dominator turret does the same damage as Destroyer, and the reload is the same as Snipers. The Summoner Squares and the Guardian Crashers are the same as their respective bosses. The traps launched are the same as a maxed bullet stat Mega Trapper. When first spawned, its invisible, unless you damage it in any way.

Phase 2

This stage is entered at 180,000 health. The Guardians, Summoners, and Defenders detach from the main body, and circle around the main body. Where the bosses were are now their respective shape. For example, replacing where the Guardian was, is a Guardian sized Crasher. The main body is now invulnerable. All bosses have a separate health bar

Phase 3

This stage is entered when the Guardians, Summoners, and Defenders have been killed. The boss is now vulnerable again. The front part and back parts of the main body detach from each other, creating 2 bosses, but they travel in the same direction. All damage output from this boss is multiplied by 2. The bosses now share the same health bar.

Phase 4

This stage is entered when at 90,000 hp.The polygons from phase 2 are now ejected from the body and are revealed to have 1 spawner each, which spawns their respective polygon. These units are invincible, and the polygons they spawn act like Crashers. The boss now repairs itself, and the 2 parts re-attach to each-other. The 6 units circle the body in a circular motion.

Phase 5

This phase is entered at 30,000 hp. Reload is increased by 2 times the amount. The Spaceship is starting to get desperate. Its shield separate and move rapidly around the tank, making it harder to hit. The auto spawner now switches between Summoner squares, and Guardian Crashers.

Phase 6

This phase is entered at 18,000 health. The back of Spaceship is destroyed, and replacing it is a smaller spawner that spawns Summoner Squares and Guardian Crashers. That's 3 auto guns and an auto spawner you don't have to worry about. But now the boss is getting more desperate, so drone production from the 6 units is tripled, and the shields are bigger.

Phase 7

This phase is entered at 9,000 health. The shields get so bit that they collapse. The polygon units drone production is increased yet again. There are cracks on The Spaceship. The Auto Dominator gun's damage get exponentially higher. So high that its theorized to kill Dominators in a minute by itself, so try to survive.

Phase 8

This phase is entered at 3,000 health. The Spaceship has smoke coming out of it. Reload is Tripled, and The Spaceship is faster.

Phase 9

This phase is entered at 1,500 health. The Spaceships body is destroyed, only leaving the 6 drone units and The Dominator Unit. The 6 drone units are now vulnerable, while the Dominator Unit is invincible.

Phase 10

This phase is entered when the 6 drone units are defeated. The Dominator Unit is all that's left. Go on and kill it... Or try to...

Phase 11

This phase is entered at 300 hp. The Dominator Units shell is gone. All you have to do is to keep on shooting it. Your almost there...

Death Animation

The Dominator Unit looks around, and ending pointing down right. It then shoots a ring of high speed bullets that do no damage.After that, a flash engulfs the screen, then the Dominator Unit is cracking. Then it explodes, leaving its armor behind.

How to Pacifist

Spaceship is one of the few bosses you can pacifist. It's easy to pacifist Spaceship. All you need to do is to have it escape the map, which can be done in phase 8. All you need to do is not shoot it. It'll escape after a while. A notification will appear thanking the players. You will see her again against a much larger threat...


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