"My name speaks for itself"

The Speaker is one of The Forgottens, and can spawn like a normal boss in any gamemode but Maze. It has very low chance of spawning. It's a boss verion of mysterious Mega Destroyer. Created by Kacperlupa.polska.

Spawn Message

"The Forgotten Speaker has spawned!"

Destroyed Message

"The Speaker was forgotten once more! Killed by [insert player's nickname]"

"Small" backstory

The Speaker was a great tank, he was demolishing every single tank on his way. He was also The Juggernaut's brother. He once wanted a duel with his brother, but he losed to him. This fight nearly destroyed him, but he everyone laughed at him because of his lose. Then he suddenly vanished. Now, in our times, he sometimes returns to show each tank in the world that he isn't a weakling like in that times!


The Speaker looks like larger, fallen-colored Destroyer but he has two small Minion Spawners on sides, and stereo on back like The Juggernaut. His body also looks scratched


  • Bombs Away!: Shoots big bullet that explodes in 8x8 area like Mage fireball.
  • Silience of Doom: Suddenly the music stops. Two seconds later, it begins again, but big shockwave shoots out of The Speaker. It inflicts Dazed and Unfocused for 10 seconds.
  • Minions of Past: Pumps out from 3 to 6 Destroyer Minions that shoots bullets at players or use recoil to bump at them.
  • Mega Storm: He will shot out destroyer bullets, but with reload of Basic Tank(faster than normal Destroyer, if you don't get it), for random ammout of time.
  • Beaten Again....: After death, eight large bullets are shot out like Octo Tank.
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