The Standard is one of the many Boss Tanks that exist in the Tale of Diep continuity. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Basic Tank, and is the final boss of Fortress Conquest. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.


It looks like a Basic Tank with five TINY aesthetic spikes on the end of its main barrel. On the body, there is a Destroyer Dominator turret above the symbol of the Knights (you should know what this is by now) with a seven-pointed star symbol on it. The sides have two wide barrels that resemble those of the Flamethrower, but do not function the same mechanically. The Standard is also 35% bigger than the other Knights of Panzer.

BGM: [1] Battleground by Ethan Meixsell


This section details the second part of the Final Battle. To learn about the first part, see the "Final Battle" section of the Fortress Conquest page.

Note that the Standard's room is quite a ways away from the spawn area, so even a Booster with max movement speed and reload will take over 2 minutes to reach it. Note that the exit does not close for this boss fight. The Dominator turret is always firing on tanks, and has triple increased reload and bullet speed.

Revolution Strike: Used as his first attack and then randomly throughout the fight like other attacks The Standard spins twice around, and fires off "X" homing shots that deal damage equal to 1/4 of the target tank's max health. "X" is equal to the amount of tanks that are currently in the Standard's room.

Power of the Knights: Passive #1. Randomly gets a positive buff for 20 seconds (excluding Frenzy.)

Panzer's Favor: Passive #2. Can give a random debuff to one tank for 5 seconds every 20 seconds. Since there are usually 80+ tanks fighting the Standard, it's only given to 1 tank. No tank can be selected twice until all of the tanks have been afflicted. If a tank is below 1/3 health, it is skipped over and returned to when ready.

Grapple Toss: Griever hooks pop out of the side barrels and snatch 10 tanks. Those tanks are flung to the very back of the crowd of tanks. Used 3 times in rapid succession.

Trappory: The side barrels spew out traps that bounce against each other. The traps slowly move towards the front to completely cover the Standard. The traps are destroyable and are normal-sized (think Trapper, Overtrapper, Auto Trapper, Tri-Trapper size.)

Pew Pew: The Standard shoots at the tanks closest to it repeatedly until they move out of range with enormous bullets.

Flame Volt: Flamethrower bullets... with Shocker mechanics. Fired from the side barrels and have increased range.

Gang Counter: Instantly kills 10 random tanks that are fighting it. Used randomly.

Aegis Engage: The Dominator Turret triples in size for 15 seconds. Reload is quadrupled, as well as damage, bullet speed, penetration. In a nutshell, a deadly 15 seconds.

Ammunition Spray: Used at 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 health. The Standard starts firing drones, traps, bullets, Griever hooks, and pretty much every size and kind of ammunition in the game everywhere in the room. Makes an absolute mess of the area. All while the Standard spins and moves erratically. If you imagine it, it's quite a funny yet dangerous scene.

Last Stand: Used at 10000, 5000, and 1000 health. The Standard gains Invulnerability and gains a Lancer spike on the front that is as wide as its body. It plows through all the tanks by going after the highest concentrations first, then zig-zagging randomly. Each time it is used, the damage increases by 50%. At max, it will make a normal level 45 tank without any Health upgrades be reduced to 1/8 health. Remember that the Destroyer turret is still firing and prioritizing the weakest tanks, so it is even more imperative to avoid the enormous charge.


  • This should be a Mega Boss (or is comparable to one.) The current mainstream Mega Bosses are the Polygon Mother, Royale, and the War Machine.
    • However, he's not as powerful as the bosses above. The only reason for his massive health is because he's tanky. (ha!)
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