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The Submarine is one of the many Extended Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the boss variant of the Triple Torpedo. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Submarine is a black Triple Torpedo with 2 smaller, normal Torpedo launchers next to the main launcher. A set of Penta Shot barrels are behind it for propulsion purposes. They don't do much damage. Near the Penta shot barrels are 2 black fins that serve no purpose and are just there to make it look more like a submarine. There is an Auto Turret on the Submarine. On the sides of the Auto Turret are another pair of purely aesthetic fins that do not rotate with the turret.

Like The Ninja and The Whale, The Submarine is a stealth-based boss and can't be hurt most of the time.


Note: The Submarine's fortress is aquatic, like The Crustacean's, but completely filled with water instead of half filled. Tanks in the water can only move at a third of their usual speed, but the Submarine is unaffected. It shares this trait with the Whale.

Submerge: Passive ability that is nearly always active. The Submarine is underwater and can't be hurt. Bullets, drones, etc. etc. etc. will pass over it. The Submarine's bullets and torpedoes however will have a "float to the surface" animation and can damage tanks. It shares this with the Whale.

Chase: Always active. Fires torpedoes at tanks and chases them around using the back Penta shot barrels. Auto Turret behaves like normal unless said otherwise.

NET: Shoots a large net from the Auto Turret. Said net will land on tanks and immobilize them for 10 seconds, then the net disappears.

Seamine deployment: The Auto Turret starts shooting out Traps that explode into 8 bullets upon destruction or expiration. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Sonar: Torpedoes become homing. Effect lasts for 1 minute, so have fun dodging!

Tactical Collision: Surfaces right underneath a tank and knocks it back extremely far while doing heavy damage, then re-submerges. The whole process lasts about 5 seconds and the time the Submarine actually is on the surface is a mere second only. This is the only time the Submarine can take damage.

Death animation

The Submarine's barrels and launchers stop firing and the Auto Turret's barrel retracts as the Submarine grinds to a halt. A large underwater explosion occurs as a white flash occupies the screen, and as a large amount of bubbles leak from the Submarine, it slowly sinks to the bottom. Once it hits the bottom, it crumbles to dust.


  • The Submarine only has 2500 health, which is even less than an Alpha Pentagon. However, the fact that it can be only be hit for an average of 1 second per minute makes up for it.
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