The Totempest is one of the Lesser Sons that can spawn near the Fortresses as miniboss. Created by Kacperlupa.polska.


The Totempest is a bigger blue Doctorate, but it has two dart shooters on front and some transparent clouds on its body.


  • Gale: It spawns up to 16 fast, fragile white Crashers that chase players.
  • Dart Storm: Shoots darts at tanks that can inflict Poisoned or Slowed.
  • Curse of Weather: Makes a cloud-like drone that homes on one tank and Slows, Confuses and Blindes the target.
  • Cloud Split: He turns into five indestructible cyan clouds. They chase tanks or retreat. After 10 seconds, they go to one place and merge into The Totempest.
  • Totem of Disaster: Places a gray-and-blue totem that shoots circles with the same colors as it that Weakens and Unfocuses tanks but gives Hasty and Strength to Totempest's crashers. Circles are shot out at random directions. Used twice on 40% and 20% of health. Totems do not despawn.


  • Cloud Split attack was inspired by Sheep Man from Mega Man 10.
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