"I'm a guard, and you are DEAD!"
The Trickster is a Gladiator Boss that has a 5% chance to spawn in front of a Polygon Fortress in The Extended Tale of Diep. Created by TBOO-Y.

Design and Overview

It is about the size of an Alpha Octagon, but a bit larger. It has 2 Trapper barrels opposite each other, a Triplet with an Auto Turret on the front, and 2 Booster barrels on the back. It has a Mega Trapper Auto Turret with a small Spawner on its back in its center, however, the Spawner counterpart will not shoot. The Mega Trapper-Drone Spawner Turret will shoot a Mega Trap that looks like a drone, but when tanks get too close, it will chase tanks until death or it loses sight of them. The other weapons just shoo whatever they are supposed to shoot.


Octa Clasp: Surrounds 5 random players in Octagons, and will choose one of them. The Trickster will then use its Booster barrels to attempt to ram the chosen player in the Octagon Cage, so try and get out fast!

Switchblade: Switches its Triplet turret to a Lancer spike and starts to actively chase players. Lasts for 10 seconds.


  • This is my first boss.
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