This is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Impaler. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.


The Vampire has two red-white cross-eyed eyes set against a gray-white tank. In the bottom middle of the tank is a very wide Griever hook mounted on a thin rectangle with two long spikes near each end of the curve to represent fangs. On the bottom are 5 MOTHERSHIP drone spawners arranged like a Penta Shot. There is also a Mega Trapper barrel on his bottom. He also has two white Smashers, one with spikes sticking straight out and the other having spikes in a spiral formation not attached to the hexagon.


Blood Drinker: The Vampire sends out both of his fangs at once and they latch onto nearby tanks. Instead of reeling them in, though, he sends a red glow down the chains which sap half of the tanks' current health and return it to him in the form of health regeneration.

Going Batty: The Mothership drone spawners release 10 Leechers and 10 Phages/Arrowheads, which... well, just chase after tanks.

Castle Cannons: The trap barrel sends out a line of traps 2 traps thick and 20 traps wide. He then fires his fangs at tanks to deal small amounts of damage.

Battle Me...: The drone spawners release Mothership drones which chase down tanks towards the Vampire.

I Changed My Mind: Used directly after Battle Me. The drones herd in the tanks that were unlucky enough to be caught, and the Vampire flings them away with his fangs. Tanks hit receive the Poisoned debuff for 5 seconds.

Dracula's Bidding: The drone spawners release only Leechers at a rate of 5 per second for the next 5 seconds, then Arrowheads, then Crushers, then 10 Red Runners, then 10 Disruptors, then 50 Crashers (big, medium and small.) Triplets highly recommended for countering this attack.

Sappy: The fangs grab four tanks (two per spike) and reel them in to deal 5 HP worth of damage every half second for 10 seconds, or until the tank is at 1/8 health.

Reversal: The trap barrel flashes white and releases an enormous black trap. Tanks hit receive the Dazed and Unfocused debuffs for 15 seconds.


  • I didn't really stick to the theme well here. Oh well.
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