The Thief is a Tier 4 upgrade from the Gunner. It is a unique class, in the sense that it "steals" points from other tanks.


The Thief has two gunner barrels in a Twin tank formation. They are almost completely tucked away under the body, to give a sense of stealth.


  • The Thief has a lower penetration than the Gunner, and also gets a huge body damage Nerf, but it's movement speed increases. It has a FOV as big as the Manager's. It can spawn an Aura of Invisibility around itself every 2 minutes. This aura will last for 30 seconds. However, this isn't its only ability...
  • It deals damage, kills tanks and polygons, and gets points the same way as any other tank, but with one extra feature. 
  • Whenever the Thief deals damage (in any way) to a tank, for the next ten seconds any points gained by that tank (through killing polygons, players, bosses, anything) belong to the Thief. The tank under this effect cannot gain any points for those ten seconds, and will not know that it has this effect on it currently, apart from the fact that it isn't gaining any points. This effect only works if the tank is a normal player controlled tank - not a boss, mothership, dominator, arena closer or any other Level 45+ tank.


  • Strong against: Not a lot really, the point of this tank is not to kill, but to feed off other tanks.
  • Weak against: See Strong against

As the Thief

  • It's a tough class to use, I have to admit. You need to target tanks that can give you lots of points in those ten seconds, like bullet spammers.
  • Another good idea is to target tanks that are currently attacking someone else, to get their points. However, you need to be careful.
  • Also you need a bit of speed.
  • Use your aura of invisibility wisely.
  • This tank is only useful for FFA mainly, because it focuses on getting points. It could be used in Team DM, but it's not at all useful for your team. Don't use it in any other game-mode because no one will even know your score.
  • The good nature is much more useful for this tank, compared to the evil nature.

Against the Thief

  • If you do see him, go for the kill.
  • Do not try to ram him - he will deal damage in the ram and you won't get the points.
  • Speaking of which, don't get damaged by him in any way, because you will be unable to get points for a while.


  • It is possible to get points for up to 10 seconds after dying, so it's advisable to leave the death screen open for ten seconds after death.
  • The Aura of Invisibility is the rarest and longest (duration-wise) known aura in the game.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.
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