The Thorpedo is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Torpedo at level 45 when special conditions are reached. Made by Fall Out Wave. 


The Thorpedo bears a slight resemblance to the Winged Hussar. It has a grey winged helmet, 2 gold lances parallel to each other, and its main weapon: The Hammer of Thor. It is, well, a hammer attached to a trapezium.

How to obtain?

In order to obtain the Thorpedo:

  1. You must kill at least one form of the Zodiac at least once.
  2. You must have upgraded to the Torpedo at least 4 times.

Attack methods

Left-clicking or Auto-fire allows the hammer to act like a drone. A drone that makes explosions when it comes into contact with a polygon or tank. Pressing E while the hammer is active will make a medium-sized explosion with the hammerhead at the center. When not left-clicking or Auto-firing, the hammer wilt return to its base. Activating Auto-Spin while the hammer is at rest wilt make the Thorpedo swing its hammer which deals massive damage. While spinning, it gets a 30% speed boost. Pressing Spacebar will send the hammer straight forward regardless if it is active or at rest, or what direction it is facing. It will explode every time it comes into contact with a polygon or tank. Right-clicking will make a bolt of electricity shoot out from the hammer. The bolt has infinite penetration and high speed and will not stop until it hits the edge of the arena. When taking over a Dominator while using this tank, the Dominator wilt take on a special form that has 1 long Stalker barrel. Said barrel fires electricity bolts at a rate of 100 bolts per minute. Meanwhile, the tiny lance on the helmet of the tank is functional and deals high body damage should it be actually put to use (i.e. when you use it to poke others). The golden lances are actually hair that is purely ornamental and they have no hitbox.

The hammer has 6000 health, and if it is destroyed, then the Thorpedo has nearly no means of defense and must retreat. The hammer will regenerate after 10 seconds. 


When upgraded from the Torpedo:

  • Bullet Speed becomes Hammer Drone Speed.
  • Bullet Damage becomes Drone Damage.
  • Reload is removed entirely since it no longer serves a purpose, but all other stats can upgrade to 8.
  • Everything else receives a 50% boost.



As the mighty God of Thunder, you can strike down everything that dares to oppose you and reign over the leaderboard! Do however watch your back when you deploy your hammer.


Do not try it. All those who dare to oppose the mighty Thor will be blasted, smashed, electrocuted or poked to death. If you must, try to attack it when its hammer is far away from it.


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