Tiempo is a truly fearsome foe. Time is unstoppable and so is Tiempo, for Tiempo is Lord of Time. Perhaps he doesn't inspire the pure dread of The Grim Reaper or the awe of Territe, but only the bravest of tanks face Tiempo. And even the most skilled are almost certain to die. But has that ever stopped the tanks? No, it has not. But let them know—even if defeated, Tiempo will always, always get his revenge.


Tiempo, also called Father Tiempo, is the second-to-last of the non-weapon Elementals. Because of this and the fact that he controls one of the most powerful forces in The Extended Tale of Diep, Tiempo deserves (and gets) untold respect. His grave counsel never errs and neither do his fearsome weapons. Although clearly a powerful warrior and a leader of the Elementals, Tiempo is quite content to be subservient to Caelis.

Indeed, Tiempo is probably the friendliest of the Elementals, getting along with about all of his brethren, when he so chooses to interact. Frequently, he does not, instead wandering the paths of time. However, this aloofness is not haughty, like Dronavin nor chilling, like The Grim Reaper. Instead, it is simply an extension of Tiempo's character and, ultimately, time itself.


Tiempo Hourglass

Tiempo's Hourglass. Don't underestimate it.

Tiempo has a golden hexagonal body, emblazoned with a yellow lightning bolt as a sign of his allegiance to Caelis. His octagon-shaped hands are dark golden brown. One of them holds his potent black Scimitar, while the other carries a yellow Hourglass. His light yellow face is mostly obscured by a large black helmet resembling those used by the Ancient Greeks.


Tiempo takes Elemental health to a whole new level, with 150,000 Health points for his body and 20,000 for each of his hands. All together, that's 190,000 Health, which utterly eclipses Trapasitis, for example. However, his resistance to damage is very low, at 10%. His sword plays a significant part, however, letting 33% through (in reduced form), nullifying 33%, and reflecting 33%. The Hourglass does nothing, while the helmet lets through 10%, reflects 30%, and absorbs 60%.

Health Regen is minuscule, to say the least. Each part regenerates 4 Health Points a second, unless he's left alone for two minutes, when it accelerates to 50 Health Points a second. However, this very rarely happens.

Tiempo carries a long Scimitar with a hilt hidden behind his hand that's used to slash tanks and an Hourglass that participates in a number of unique attacks.

Tiempo Helmet

Tiempo's rugged helmet.

Tiempo is very slow, moving at about the speed of a standard boss.

The Fight

Phase 1

Tiempo Sword

Tiempo's sword.

After Tiempo spawns and the spawn message "Time itself has come. Are you ready to meet him?" is broadcasted, Phase 1 begins. It lasts for two minutes. During this period, Tiempo sets up portions of the map that freeze in time whoever enters them for ten seconds. He also lays random deposits of sand with his Hourglass.

Phase 2

After the two minutes are up, Tiempo begins to attack. The start of Phase 2 is signaled by the message "The sands of time are on the move.".


  • Jab. Tiempo points his sword at a tank and strikes with deadly speed and power.
  • Slash. Tiempo swings his sword in a 90° arc, doing medium damage.
  • Super Slash. The same as Slash, except that the arc is 180°.
  • Jab Cross. Tiempo points his sword at a tank and strikes, then strikes again. The second strike is in the exact same place as the first (even if the target moves) and does less damage, but hits faster.
  • Jab Cross Hook. The same as Jab Cross, except that Tiempo follows it up with a speedy Slash.
  • Jab Cross Uppercut. The same as Jab Cross, except that the Slash is replaced with a Super Slash.
  • Time Lapse. The arena very briefly freezes and then Tiempo starts moving twice as fast (everyone else is the same) in every way.
  • Fast Forward. Everything in the arena (including Tiempo) moves twice as fast. This gives tanks much less reaction time; Tiempo's reaction time is the same.
  • Sand Blast. Tiempo points the hourglass at one tank and releases a concentrated ball of Sand.
  • Sand Grenade. The same as Sand Blast, except that after the Blast travels 3 seconds, it condenses into a tight, tight ball and then explodes, dealing damage to all tanks even remotely nearby.
  • Sand Whip. The Hourglass releases a long whip, which Tiempo uses to slash tanks with. Medium damage, high speed.
  • Sand Sword. The same as Sand Whip, except shorter, straighter, slower, and more damaging.
  • Sand Knife. The same as Sand Whip, except much shorter, straighter, just as fast, and equally damaging.
  • Sand Knife Throw. The same as Sand Knife, except that it's a thrown attack. Even faster, too.
  • Sand Club. The same as Sand Whip, except shorter, straighter, bigger, slower, and more damaging.
  • Sand Mountain. The same as Sand Club, except much, much bigger, slower, and damaging. The Sand Mountain is nearly as big as Tiempo himself and packs a massive wallop.
  • Mountain and Chain. The same as Sand Mountain, except that the Mountain is on a chain, increasing speed (slightly) and range (a lot).
  • Bombs Away. The same as Mountain and Chain, except that Tiempo picks a large group of tanks and releases the chain, sending a massive mountain of deadly sand at them. Although fairly slow, its size makes it a tough attack to avoid.
  • Sonic Time Freeze. Tiempo freezes and then unfreezes time so rapidly that all tanks take a significant amount of damage.
  • Time Blast. Tiempo launches the Sand Blast attack, except the time slows for all tanks during it, making it a very difficult attack to avoid.
  • Berserk Mode. Tiempo slows down time for everyone else and begins attacking with deadly speed and power, particularly using Jab, Slash, Jab Cross, and Sand Blast to great effect. This lasts for about ten seconds, but it's more like one minute due to the time slowing.
  • Helmet Slam. Tiempo slams his helmet onto a player, doing incredible damage. He cannot change the aim, but time-slowing technologies make it still very hard to dodge.
  • Glitch. Tiempo randomly freezes and unfreezes time briefly a few times. This causes light damage and makes attacks harder to avoid.
  • Dagger. Tiempo suddenly flips his sword and holds it point downwards. He then stabs a tank, slightly speeding himself up through time manipulation. Tiempo then flips the sword again.
  • Hourstaff. Tiempo's Hourglass's middle begins to extend, lengthening into a full-blown staff with an hour glass end on either side. Sand pours out of both ends in a chaotic storm and Tiempo swings it experimentally. The middle then shrinks and its a normal staff again.
  • Slash Blast Slash Blast Slash Blast. Tiempo slashes a tank, then blasts it with some sand from his Hourglass and repeats it until the tank is dead or gone.

Phase 3

After Tiempo's hands lose all of their health, he enters Phase 3, after broadcasting the message, "You dare attack time?" During this phase, his hands are withered and cracked. They no longer absorb damage, but still launch attacks. His body has scars and cracks down it, while his helmet is dented. Also, a small hole appears in the Hourglass, which continually pours sand.

In Phase 3, Tiempo uses all his previous attacks, but strikes far more often than before. Unlike all the other Elementals, however, he does summon any bosses or AI-controlled tanks.


  • Super Time Lapse. The same as Time Lapse, except that Timepo's speed is doubled again.
  • Time Bubble. Tiempo summons a time bubble for himself that protects him from 25% of weapons and also makes him significantly faster.
  • King Tiempo. Tiempo reduces time to incredibly slow for all tanks and then goes on an utter rampage, striking here, striking there, moving with incredible speed and leaving in his wake dozens of stricken tanks. Lasts for only ten seconds, but they're the longest ten seconds ever...
  • Time Blade. Tiempo's blade glows yellow and for the next thirty seconds does twice the damage, being turned into a blade of pure time. It also reflects 100% of weapons that hit it.
  • Time Beam. Tiempo points his hourglass at a tank and fires a beam of pure time at them. It can have one of the following effects:
    • InfiniLaser. The beam cuts through everything in its path, unstoppably. It travels forever and ever.
    • Debuff Bubble. The beam creates a bubble around the first tank it hits on its path and does one random Debuff, which lasts for the rest of the tank's life.
    • Random Time Bubble. The beam creates a time bubble around the first tank it hits. This bubble has a 25% chance of speeding the tank up and a 75% chance of slowing it down.
    • Random Time Teleport. The beam teleports the first tank it hits to a different time, typically one in which Tiempo can give his undivided attention to the tank...
  • Hurricane of Time. Tiempo uses his Hourglass to create a whirling hurricane of sand that does tremendous damage to all who touch it.
  • Cyclone of Time. Tiempo uses his Hourglass to create a whirling cyclone of sand that does tremendous damage to all who touch and moves incredibly fast throughout the map.
  • Vortex of Time. Tiempo uses his Hourglass to create a swirling vortex of time and sand that freezes any and all who touch it, putting them beyond time, out of reach of Tiempo but out of reach from all they know and love...
  • Black Hole of Time. Tiempo uses his Hourglass to create a black hole, free from time. It draws tanks towards it, becoming irresistible if they get too close. And if they touch it—nothingness, forever and ever.
  • Time Reverse. Tiempo points the Hourglass at a group of tanks and reverses time in such a way that time continues, but all the bullets fired in the past few minutes come out of the Hourglass in a great rush at the group of tanks.
  • Beast Mode. Tiempo moves slower and attacks less often, but each stroke is deliberate, insanely fast, and almost always instantly deadly.
  • Time Traps. Tiempo's Hourglass starts launching traps, accept that these traps are twice as tough and last four times as long.
  • Dimensionalized Traps. Tiempo's Hourglass starts launching traps, but these traps are beyond time itself... The last forever... And are invulnerable...
  • Glitch Traps. Tiempo's Hourglass launch traps, just like in the Time Traps attack, except that when tanks get too close, the traps glitch time, making a tank have a 50% of touching one of the traps.
  • Infinity. Tiempo moves into a far faster time (becoming way faster than everything else and therefore possessing much more energy) and fires eight bullets, one in every direction, that move very, very fast, have infinite range, and instantly KO anything they touch.
  • A Present. Tiempo puts one tank or a group of tanks in a time bubble (a bubble in which time is faster or slower than the things outside the bubble), which is so slow that the tanks inside it are reduced to harmless, shadowy, near-immobile wisps.
  • Time Teleport. Tiempo teleports a tank or two into another time, typically so that he can go back and kill them at his leisure...
  • Reverse Time Teleport. Tiempo teleports a Boss or several enemies from another time into this one, to aid him in his battle. This is his equivalent of a Boss summon, a power which he does not posses.
  • Implosion. Tiempo implodes the time of a section of the map. Basically, he divides it from the rest of the map and moves walls of all-consuming time towards the center of the imploded area, destroying everything.
  • Slash to the Power of Time. Tiempo slashes his sword at a tank or group of tanks... And uses his power over time to launch thousands of strikes in less than a second, destroying virtually everything in its range.
  • Time Debuff. All tanks in the arena are afflicted for thirty seconds with a new debuff, which slows them down by reducing their time.
  • Time Void Cut. Tiempo slashes with his sword, cutting a whole through time, matter, and reality. From then on, nothing whatsoever can penetrate or go into that area. This attack also has the added bonus of killing any tanks it hits...

The End of Tiempo

Once Tiempo loses all his health, he swings his sword in wilder and wilder circles, eventually losing his grip on it (at which point it flies out of the arena). Meanwhile, his hourglass spews sand faster and faster and faster until all at once it explodes. Tiempo's helmet suddenly shatters and cracks appear on his body, splitting it in half, then in half again. All of a sudden, his body turns into a pile of sand as the message "Time incarnate can be stopped, but not time." is broadcasted to all tanks in the server.


These quotes will occasionally be broadcasted to all tanks in the server. They start appearing after Phase 1 ends, but before Tiempo begins his death throes. Many thanks to Zathsu for adding many of them.

  • Go ahead and try to kill me, weaklings. I have all the time in the universe...
  • Stand still now, ah ha ha!
  • I've foreseen the future, and in it I am still alive.
  • I decide the speed of time, and so your deaths shall be slow and painful.
  • This battle could be over with a spin of my hourglass.
  • Every grain of sand is another second wasted...
  • The clock ticks away, and so does the life your body hosts.
  • The only futures you have is with The Grim Reaper.
  • Dunes of past foretell the falling sand of future, and future says that *number of players* died to Tiempo on this day!
  • I walk a path with no end.
  • Time keeps marching. I make sure of it!
  • An hour is too much... a moment is too little.
  • Stand there, that pose! You shall be frozen in time perfectly.
  • Fall away with the sands of time, to be lost forever!
  • For not even you shall be kept in history books, as I shall erase this day from the timeline.
  • Your actions have no meaning when undone. If defeated, that moment can be lost from history at my will. Give up and age with time.
  • A second is to me a year and a year a second.
  • Time kills all...
  • Your souls shall be worn away as sand wears away the strongest rock.
  • How dare you waste precious time!
  • You think you have enough time to defeat me. You must have forgotten that I, I own time.
  • Even if I don't win right now, I can always head back into time to make sure I triumph...
  • I have no beginning and nor do I have an end.
  • My sword can cut through time itself...


  • The fifth Elemental to be made and the second to be made completely under The Extended Tale of Diep.
  • Quotes were added by Zathsu and TheGoldenPatrik1.
  • The second Elemental with "second-gen" images that incorporate more realist Gradient coloring and imported images, all resulting in vastly improved image quality.
    • This was subsequently replaced with transparent PowerPoint-made "third-gen" art.
      • That was subsequently replaced by "fourth-gen" art.
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