The Tinkerer serves as the fifth member and upgrade of the Adventurer Branch. It upgrades from the Basic Tank at Level 15, and can be further promoted into the Artificer at Level 30.


The Tinkerer is a blue circle-shaped tank with two blue semi-circles on either side of the front of the tank, holding a blue and gray hammer.


Like the Soldier, it possesses the Energy Meter ability and will get tired after doing too many swings. However, since the Tinkerer has more base damage, energy is consumed by 15%. 6 swings will almost fully deplete the gauge. Although, Tinkerer is a pretty strong guy, so his energy will regenerate 20% every 1.5 seconds. The energy meter isn't the only ability it has. It can create drones (called Sentries). Sentries can be made by destroying Triangles and Crashers. Basically the Necromancer, but using triangles. Once transformed, they use the regular tank palette, and have a Twin-Gunner-Auto cannon. You are able to create three of these Sentries.

  • When the Auto Spin keybind is pressed, the Tinkerer will begin to rotate like a tornado. This is great for pushing through bullet-spammers. Unfortunately, this only lasts for 3 seconds and completely depletes your gauge.
  • A minor ability, the Tinkerer can heal their drones and teammates. This depletes your gauge by 4% though. 'Drone Health' and 'Drone Damage' are added, while 'Reload' is removed.
  • Max Health, Melee Damage, and Melee Penetration are passively increased.


  • Let's get to work — Upgrade to Tinkerer
Let's get to work
Upgrade to Tinkerer


  • The only tank in this branch with one Level 30 upgrade.
  • Design made by Anonymoususer12321.
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