The Torpedo is a tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Sniper at level 30 and can evolve to the Triple Torpedo, Mega Torpedo, Guided Torpedo, Harpoon and Thorpedo at level 45. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Torpedo has 3 increasingly smaller trapeziums stacked on top of each other.

Attack methods

When the Torpedo launches a torpedo, the topmost part of the barrel (i.e. the first trapezium) detaches and becomes the torpedo. It will regrow. Said torpedo explodes on impact, doing large direct damage and slight splash damage. Said torpedo also goes on forever and will not stop until it hits something.


When upgraded from the Sniper:

  • Health Regen is increased.
  • Bullet Speed is decreased.
  • Bullet Penetration is renamed Explosion Radius.
  • Bullet Damage is increased.
  • Reload is decreased.



Torpedoes are effective at destroying traps, so destroy them on sight. Drones are harder to target, but are still easy prey to a skilled user. Avoid bullet spam for obvious reasons.

In team modes, this tank gains much more potential as it's torpedoes go on forever and will not stop until it comes in contact with 1. A polygon, 2. An enemy tank or it's ammunition, or, most importantly, 3. The enemy base. If Explosion radius is upgraded to the max, the explosion can damage tanks that are in the frontal half of the base if it hits.


The most ideal counter to this tank would be the Streamliner or the Gunner due to the massive reload. The Octo Tank can also handle more than 1 at a time. However, its bullets are less dense, so as a result if the reload on the Torpedo is high the Octo Tank may have some trouble defending itself.

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