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Template:AdvancedBossInfo The smallest and weakest of the Elementals, Trapasitis is still very dangerous. Equipped with a cunning mind and tons of traps, his elaborate schemes can undo even the most skilled and best prepared. As the youngest Elemental, however, his opinion is often disrespected. This has, over time, caused him to think and act separately from his brethren, even scheming against them.


Trapasitis is the last of the Elementals. Some would say he's also the least powerful, but that is a matter of heavy debate. The fact remains, however, that he is by far the least-respected of the Elementals. This has made him increasingly bitter. To him it seems like no matter how greatly he contributes to their shared purposes, he's always discounted as "the youngest." His early staunch loyalty to the Elemental leaders has given way to something akin to hatred. His frequent schemes and traps have done nothing to improve his reputation.

Since tanks as a whole do not find traps very popular, Trapasitis himself is little-regarded by tanks. The Grim Reaper and Territe, for example, are feared but Trapasitis? Not so much. Perhaps one reason for this is that those who face Trapasitis never survive...


Trapasitis Launcher

One of Trapasitis's trap launchers. Lots and lots of traps come out of them.

In a word, triangular. As the chief trapper, how could it be anything but? His body is a burgundy upward-facing triangle, emblazoned with a yellow lightning bolt as a symbol of his subservience to Caelis. On either side are his hands, each of which takes the form of a light grey rectangle, with a Launcher on one side and a trap-symbol on the center. His legs are the downward black triangles. His shoulders and neck are an irregular black pentagon, on which is his red and grey war helmet. On top of the helmet are two black spikes.


Trapasitis has less health than any other Elemental. Part of this is that he's youngest and part is that he has little need of it—with so many traps, it's hard for tanks to even land hits on him. Accordingly, he's very difficult to kill.

His body has 36,000 Health and each of his hands have 8,000. This makes for a grand total of 52,000 Health Points. He has a 10% resistance to damage. Health Regen is minuscule, to say the least. Each part regenerates 4 Health Points a second, unless Trapasitis is left alone for two minutes, when it accelerates to 50 Health Points a second. However, this very rarely happens.

Trapasitis carries two identical trap launchers, one with each hand. Out of these spew lots and lots of traps of varying sizes, shapes, abilities, and strengths.

The Fight

Phase 1

After Trapasitis spawns and the spawn message "Trapasitis is scheming..." is broadcasted, Phase 1 begins. It lasts for two minutes. During this period, Trapasitis is invincible as well as invisible. His traps are invisible too. Fortunately, neither can do any damage during Phase 1. Instead, Trapasitis begins to do what he does best—trap and outwit tanks. He lays tons of traps, in particular attempting to corner and destroy the most skilled players and/or the largest concentration of players. As soon as Phase 1 ends, all the traps become visible and dangerous, as does Trapasitis. Players can suddenly be surrounded by a wall of traps and facing an elite boss.

Trapasitis uses all his normal Phase 2 attacks in Phase 1. The only differences are that they're invisible and do nothing (until the two minutes are up). To counterbalance this, they last twice as long.

Phase 2

After the two minutes are up, Trapasitis begins to really attack. The start of Phase 2 is signaled by the message "Schemes are coming to fruition...".


  • Trap Punch. Twenty traps stream out of the Launcher all at the same time in a highly concentrated clump. Times 2 Trap Speed and Ranged, but only medium damage and penetration.
  • Matrap Gun. The Launcher heavily vibrates as it blasts traps at x2 speed and range in an erratic fashion.
  • Giga Trap. The Launcher fires a single extremely large trap (about as big and tough as an Alpha Pentagon). Anyone who touches it is instantly killed. Very low trap speed and range.
  • Trap. The Launcher sends out medium traps at a medium rate. Generally Trapasitis's favored technique to surround people.
  • No Escape. The Launcher fires small, weak traps at a high rate. However, they last a VERY long time.
  • Landmines. The Launcher releases invisible traps that do moderate damage.
  • Frag Traps. The Launcher releases large traps that explode when something comes near, doing medium damage and releasing low-damage fragments that are equivalent to bullets.
  • Laser Trap. Fires VERY high speed traps to a long range (about as far as a bullet with 0 speed). Medium damage.
  • Protection. Both Launchers do a 360, releasing dozens of traps.
  • Magnetic Traps. Standard traps that draw tanks toward them, slowly but irresistibly. Trapasitis will often intersperse them with other traps.
  • Wall-Builder I. Trapasitis turns both Launchers toward the same direction and fires Mega Traps at a very high rate with low accuracy. This can create a thick wall of traps in seconds.
  • Wall-Builder II. Like the above, except that it's made entirely of Magnetic and Frag Traps.
  • Wall-Builder III. Like Wall-Builder I, except that it includes all varieties of normal-speed/range traps.
  • Seeking Traps. Fires high speed/range traps that spin continuously, seeking targets.
  • Drone Traps. Like the above, except all stats except penetration are reduced. Also, instead of relying on AI, the traps are directly controlled by Trapasitis. These traps are VERY dangerous as tanks can engage with Trapasitis, not knowing that a wall of traps is slowly moving to surround them.
  • TeleTrap. The Launcher releases small, weak traps at a low rate; the plus side is that instead of being fired, they are teleported to their destination. Their range is equal to that of a Sniper's FoV. Note that the traps cannot be teleported directly to a target—only very close to the target.
  • Sticky Traps. The Launcher fires high-speed traps that, if touched, do 10 damage and stick to the target. They then do 10 damage every five seconds and reduce move speed by 50%. Until removed (by any other player destroying it), the Sticky Traps will continue to deal damage in this way.
  • Boomeranger. The Launcher fires VERY high speed and long range traps that travel a fairly long distance before curving around and heading halfway back to Trapasitis. Each does rather low damage.
  • Jump to Hypertrap. Trapasitis jumps, vanishes for one second, then reappears next to where he was before, which is now totally covered by hundreds of traps.
  • Channeling Traps. Standard traps that slowly remove health (1 HP a second) from tanks in their vicinity and add it to their own. Very dangerous in large numbers.
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Phase 3

After Trapasitis's hands lose all of their health, he enters Phase 3, after broadcasting the message, "I'm not dead yet." During this phase, his hands are withered and black. They no longer absorb damage, but still fire traps. His body has scars and cracks down it.

In Phase 3, Trapasitis uses all his previous attacks, but tends to be more conservative, hiding behind huge mounds of traps and painstakingly killing one player after another. He also starts use a repitoire of a few new attacks. As if that wasn't enough, he starts summoning bosses and AI-controled tanks to aid him. Both are controlled directly by Trapasitis, further increasing both their lethality and the potency of his schemes.

Summoning Order

This is the order in which Trapasitis summons bosses and AI-controlled tanks.

  • Every 2,000 health lost, Trapasitis summons two AI-controlled tanks. If he has enough health, the list repeats.
    • First, two Mega Trappers.
    • Second, two Tri-Trappers.
    • Third, two Auto Trappers.
    • Fourth, two Gunner Trappers.
    • Fifth, two Overtrappers.
  • Every 4,000 health lost, Trapasitis summons one boss.
    • There is no particular order to this. The bosses spawn randomly. However, the three following conditions always apply.
    • First, any standard boss can be spawned, but nothing more powerful.
    • Second, any boss that uses traps is three times as likely to spawn.
    • Third, each type of boss spawns just twice.


  • Trapper Corrupter. Trapasitis attempts to corrupt a Trapper tank arrayed against him. This can only be attempted once per tank and if it succeeds (50% chance of doing so), the tank joins Trapasitis's team.
  • Trapper Resurrector. After Trapasitis kills a Trapper tank, there is a 50% chance that it will resurrect and join him.
  • Haywire. Trapasitis takes control of any Auto Turrets in his immediate vicinity.
  • Overwhelm. Trapasitis moves twice as fast for a few seconds and overwhelms enemies with clouds of traps.
  • Time Bomb. The Launcher releases a giant trap (as big as an Alpha Pentagon) with a timer on it, counting down from 10. Once it reaches 0, the Bomb explodes, doing 30 damage to all tanks within a Sniper's FoV.
  • Stat Bomb. Like the above, except that instead of taking away health, it reduces one randomly-selected stat by 50% for one minute.
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The End of Trapasitis

Once Trapasitis loses all his health, he explodes in a massive cloud of traps as the message "You shall pay for this..." is broadcasted to all tanks in the server.



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