The Trapbooster is a Tier 4 tank that evolves from the Trapper and the Tri-Angle.


It has a Launcher on its front, and beside it, it has 2 Cannons at about 45 degree angle. And at the back, it has 2 Cannons mirroring the 2 on the front. It has a total of 5 Weapons.


Upon upgrading, the tank gains higher reload and health, but lower bullet damage and bullet penetration. Its Traps have less health too. These stats are balanced so that the tank is not too overpowered.


  • Strong against: Slow reload tanks, slow tanks, low DPS tanks
  • Weak against: Drone tanks, Fast tanks, High DPS tanks

The best strategy is to play as a Trapper class and not as a Booster class. Because if you try to ram, you might have too low health to handle it.


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