Trape-ee is a simple boss that only spawns in 2 and 4 TM Domination modes. Is one of the simpler bosses than the ones that I am gonna be adding later on. Its detailed report is down here: By TradeManganese, trademarked!


Trape-ee is an orange Trapezoid that is equipped with some guns. Has a Drone Spawner on the back. An Auto Gunner Cannon and a Seeker Factory. Size of the Mothership.


It moves around the arena slowly, even patrolling near Bases because Protectors don't target it. However, it usually patrols the Middle Arena. It moves at the speed of a normal boss. The Auto Gunner Turret can rotate 360o.


Auto Gunner Cannon:

It has the penetration and damage of a 4/7 upgraded Triplet. Reload is same as a Gunner Dominator. The Bullet speed, however, is slow with 3/7 upgraded Bullet Speed Gunner. Can rotate 360 degrees.

Drone Spawner:

Drones have the maxed Overlord Stats: Damage, Penetration and Drone Speed. Drone creation rate, however, is same as a Fallen Overlord. Quite fast for drones.

Seeker Factory:

There are two types of drones Seeker Factory will spawn. More information:

Sapper Drones:

Sapper drones are quite fast, with the speed of maxed Overlord drones. They will crash into a player, and steal their HP. It will get loaded and puff up. Then carry the HP in it to its creator. (In this case, Trape-ee) Large as a Disruptor (Idea not by me).

They will chase the target down until death and will not stop until destroyed. Can't change targets.

Sapper Buffed

The puffed Sapper, when full with HP.

The puffed glows orange and returns to Trape-ee to give the HP. Trape-ee restores the same amount sapped from the target.

Seen in the left.

Leecher Drones:

Leecher Drones are quite fast, with speed of maxed Overlord Drones. They will chase the player until they get in their leeching range, then it will start to fire a Laser that will slowly drain the target's health. Continuous damage is dealt, with Leecher drone Concentrated on the player, if the player moves away from the Leecher Drone about 150 tiles, then, it will chase the player again.

Leecher Laser

The Laser That the drone fires on its targets. Continuous.


  • First idea by me. Trademarked.
  • The drone idea was inspired by Bubble Tanks 2, made by Herointreactive.
  • Also the mechanics were taken from Bubble Tanks 3.
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