Trefoil is an entity[sic] added on 10/11/2017. Trefoil technically is a polygon boss, but not one you can fight. She replaces Kiosks spawn 25% of the time. Usually, she is stationary, but you can interact with her. She says quotes that appear in the usual Ubuntu text above her name tag, but only if a tank is within 25 tiles of her.


Trefoil features a pink rounded triangular body with blue patches on the sides. On the back are 5 Cannons and a Spawner mounted behind them. At the front is an Annihilator cannon, but it is seemingly painfully pushed into her body.


Trefoil replaces Kiosk and says quotes, like said before. It's not like Sassafras, as her quotes actually can help. She doesn't kill enemies, and is usually invincible.


  • "How are you doing? I hope you don't go under his grasp"
  • "He is more dangerous than you think"
  • "The glitchy one and the large cannoned one need to shoot the wall in a survival area."
  • "I miss my husband."
  • "To be honest, I never thought I would see the light of day. Well, I was always like that."
  • "Dont test my patience, [inser tank name who shot Trefoil]"
  • "Ha! You think he's good? Look what he did to Alpha."
  • "I wonder what happened to Iribo."
  • "Now, I don't want to fight ya, it's just you keep on shooting me, ya keep on shootin' me."
  • "Vivillian and Cotton spawned together at one point. They showed off a great deal by playing with the tanks instead of fighting them. I like them for that."
  • "His first experiment was the Automated Baton Spammer, or the Automaton for short."
  • "If he catches you, he will devour you..."
  • "I honestly thought you would take more care of yourselves."
  • "That Spaceship you killed. She will come back when he rises..."
  • "The Q form. It sounds cute, but it's impossible to beat."
  • "Your end could have been avoided if you had just jailed that one triangle."
  • "That triangle just so happened to kill one of your own kind, an Auto Trapper, and went on with it."
  • "It won't be enough."
  • "*Humming the Trapius theme*"
  • "I urge [closest Annihilator] and [closest Superposition] to stop this!"


  • My first boss to be a complete pacifist.
  • The only one to mention part of Crackers' backstory.
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