Some things are meant to come in threes.


Triad is a fast light sea green kite quadrilateral Boss that encircles its enemies like a ship, firing its side cannons and Auto Turrets at them. All hands on deck!

The weapons on this boss are in groups of 3, hence its name. Triad is a tiny boss, smaller than even Pulsar and some Nest Defenders.

Design Triad.png

Triad is a light sea green quadrilateral boss in the shape of a kite. It has 3 Gunner barrels on the back, and 3 on each lateral side. On top are 3 Auto Turrets like those on the Tanker crasher. Triad is tiny, so small that it could fit inside the Messenger, which is pretty small itself.


Boss Stats

Triad has 3,333 HP. It regenerates 3.3 HP a second, and if left alone for 66 seconds it will increase its regeneration rate by 300%. Damage taken from enemies is reduced by 10%. Triad moves 35% faster than the Guardian of the Pentagons, so it's a very fast boss. However, it only does 25 HP of damage per hit. The rear barrels have no recoil. Triad gives 33,333 EXP and points when destroyed.

Auto Turret S

The Triad has 3 Auto Turrets with bases that make them look like tiny Rangers. These Auto Turrets fire bullets every 0.45 seconds, and each bullet does about 15 damage per hit. These Auto Turrets have a view range of a level 25 Sniper each. They always fire at one target and do NOT split up to pursue individual target.

Rear Gunner Barrels

The Triad also has 3 Gunner barrels on its rear. These barrels do not provide any recoil, but they do high damage to deter would-be chasers. The barrels fire bullets every 0.25 seconds, and each bullet does about 10 HP of damage per hit.

Side Gunner Barrels

The Triad has 2 sets of 3 Gunner barrels, 3 on each lateral side. Each set fires their bullets in unison, each firing at 0.8-second intervals and each individual bullet doing 17 HP of damage. The sides of the Triad are the most dangerous to be near due to their high damage.


Upon spawning, the Triad makes a beeline to the closest Superior Nest and starts circling it very fast. Upon seeing a tank, it will change its path, heading straight for the tank. Upon reaching the tank, it will start circling around its target, firing all of its barrels and its Auto Turrets. If another tank approaches, the Triad will continue to circle the first tank while firing on the newcomer with its Auto Turrets. The tank that is being circled would have extreme difficulty trying to get out of there, due to the rear bullets blocking possible escape routes.

If 3 or more tanks are present, the Triad will attempt to get away quickly. The Triad is aware of all kinds of ammunition, and dart in between them if possible to avoid them. When encountering traps, it will turn around immediately and head in an opposite perpendicular direction. The Triad will not attempt to ram into tanks, due to its low body damage (same as a level 45 tank without upgrades of any sort.) Basically, it tries to avoid enemy ammunition as much as possible and will run away from groups of tanks with 3 or more members, no matter how strong they are (it will run away from 3 level 1 tanks, how pathetic.) If it encounters a non-polygon boss or entity other than a tank, it will run away too. Trying to chase the Triad is suicide, due to its rear barrels. Attacking from the side is a no-no, due to the side barrels. Attacking from the front is usually the only way to easily beat the Triad, because it almost never aims its Auto Turrets toward the front.


  • Exhibits behavior very similar to that of the Pulsar.
  • First EToD polygon boss.
  • Looks and behaves a lot like a boss.
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