You've killed my brother..

No respect...

You are obsessed with destroying polygons...

Someone has to teach you a lesson...

But there is no one left...

But me...


This looks very complex, with a Green Pentagon body. In the back, in looks like a Pentax without a center shooter. on the sides, in has 2 regular tank bullets. On the front, it has 2 drone spawners (which don't active until phase 2), and one drone spawner in the back, which is aciivated when the battle begins. The drone spawners summon 2 at a time.


This has a 1 in 20 chance to spawn after a guardian dies. First, the guardian shell will slowly crack and shapes around it will turn into green crashers (with the same stats as a crasher). After it cracks fully, it will display the message "the gaurdian has spawned!" If the guardian is killed in a team base, it will teleport out when it spawns. The person who killed it (if it was killed by a player who is still alive,) will be targeted first.

Phase 1

It will first shoot its 7 regular tank bullets at the back, rapidly zooming and with autospin on. In this state, it is easy to attack using a Spike/Booster/Destroyer/Ranger.

Phase 1 Attacks

Streammmmmmm: attacks with a powerful streamliner, in the front which will kill you if you are off guard

Penta: This attack uses the 5 attacks at the back. The four sides fire out normal bullets, but the center fires out a drone.

Pentashot: this fires the center (back to normal), and side bullets. These do about how much damage an octo-tanks bullets do.

Just die already!: This fires all the bullets at once. They do as much damage as a gunner bullet, though.

Once you take down all its health, The 2 sides fall off and it turns into a booster with drones.

Phase 2


It really doesn't have several attacks, only 2.

Booster: This makes it's behavior almost identical to the Fallen Booster, but it won't go into bases.

Drone Attack: This makes it's behavior identical to the Fallen Overlord, but it has more reload and wont go into bases.

The End Of The True Guardian

Once it's HP reaches 0, the guardian starts spinning wildly, losses it's cannons? and charges at full speed towards the center. A message displays "Get out of the nest!" And in 3 minutes, the True Guardian's shell cracks slowly until it displays the core, then blows up. The person who finishes this beast gets 50,000 XP.

Phase 3 (Fusion Rush Mode)

Just when you thought the battle was over, nooo.... Anyway, instead of exploding, The Fuser comes in with 2 regular guardians. The fuser then casts a spell, which gives the true Guardian hands. It then boosts it's health up back to 50,000, (the hands health are 5,000 each.) and smashes other tanks with hands. It kind of is like Perpendiculus in this stage. Once it dies (again), the same thing will happen, but the Gaurdia shells with turn into regular Guardians (if you didn't kill them.)


Hand Launch: This attack launches one of the true ga's hands at the player. The emptg hand spot is his weakpoint in this attack.

Explosion: This happens when one of the true guardian's hands dies. He launches the hand from him, and it explodes, killi all tanks in a 25-square radius of it.

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