The Truzz is a frenzial boss that has 2 attacks only. It's made to wander around the map. It chases Players sometimes when they get closer than 12 tiles-grids. It has a combination of Auto Turret and A Strong Cannon. More info down the page. Made By AM Waves. DO NOT STEAL!
This boss isn't in the game so it's just a conception. (Yet...)


Truzz has a Destroyer Barrel with two small Triangles next to it representing reinforced gun. It is the size of a Mothership. It has a Large Auto-Machine Gun turret on top of it.


It wanders around the map at the speed of a normal boss. But when a player comes inside it's 12 tile chase-radius, as said it will chase the player for 25 seconds. When in Chase mode, it has the speed of a 5/7 Fighter. So beware when being chased.


Auto-Machine Gun Cannon:


It has the Penetration of a maxed Machine Gun. The Rate of fire is same as a 4/7 machine gun, damage is same as a maxed out MG, bullet speed is 4/7 point MG and the bullet's lifespan is 15 seconds.

Destroyer Cannon:


The Bullet of the Cannon

The Destroyer Cannon fires large bullets that are 2 tiles-grids larger than Annihilator bullets. It has the Damage, Penetration and Bullet Speed of a Maxed Annihilator. Reload is 1,2 sec/bullet. The bullets lifespan is 21 seconds. It damages polygons too.

It has a Body Dmg. Value of a Dominator! Do NOT ram it!!!


  • First Boss Idea by me (AM Waves).
  • He is supposed to be a crazy tank. That's why his call is a bit weird.


This boss has a special dialogue when spawned it writes in medium-sized letters.

Truuuuuzzzie! Who wants to dance with the king?                                                                                                                                          Want or not, you have to take a round with me.                                                                                                                                         The blaaaazzin' king of frenzy,                                                                                                                                                                            Made the move the move to Truzzzzin'!!!

This appears as "he's talking". Works out well... :)

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