Turret Sock can do rainbow :3

Yes Turret Sock can do rainbow. Turret Sock can do a good effen rainbow :333

Turret sock IS RAINBOW

Turret Sock is a turret and a sock. You are a turret now! You are a Sock Now! ( I shouldn't do that.) To Turret or to sock? It doesn't matter when you have RAINBOW!

(Now on to the actual page xD)

Turret Sock is a Tier Rainbow tank that upgrades from Rainbow *Bleep!* that upgrades from Outler *Bleep!* upgrades from Outlet. It may upgrade *Bleep!* It may not upgrade any further. Idea by Crac- *Bleep!* Idea by Tacocat248 *Bleep!* Tacocat247!

OK. What i have done above was a thing that attributed to the creation of Turret Sock as a meme. It was an auto-correct issue when i tried to type "Stupid Phone!," but it somehow turned into "Turret Sock." Above was constant auto-correct from mistakes i actually did (Excluding the rainbow text).


Turret Sock is an Auto Turret with a random colored sock on the top.


Im bored...

What? This is literally just an auto turret with a sock. Why are you stayin- aah eff it. Have a stat chart of it below.... and a random Sassafras quote...


0 1 2 3 4 5 666 7
Penetration 0 72 96 120 144 168 192 216 240
1 98 140 182 224 266 308 350 392
2 140 200 260 320 380 440 500 560
3 182 260 338 416 494 572 650 728
4 224 320 416 512 608 704 800 896
5 266 380 494 608 722 836 850 1064
666 308 440 572 704 836 968 1100 1232
7 350 500 650 800 950 1100 1250 1400
Sassafras: One day the Pentagun met a Trio of Octagons who tied up a Juggernaut with a Kingpin that Supplemented the Overmaster with his friend, the Lich, who was inside a Prince's castle full of Arrows while fending off the Tres Geminos with his pet, Chimaera, within the Shadows beside a Keeper of Wolves under Bureaucratic rule of Helix of the Titans next to Masonry covered by Tactical Strategies that can Decimate Soldiers of Automations created by Artisans within the Estuary full of Torrential rain protected by a Frigate filled with Judicators and Cyborgs equipped with Saws controlled by Puppets... and everyone died within a Furnace.
Djaldjakrbwkdjsn is a sword

So, that is everythtyreve that, oS

What have i done?

I know!




Turret Sock is a DCoW meme, ans as such, it shall have INFINITE POWER!!! a sock on itself.


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