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The Twin Reloader is a reloading tank that upgrades off of the Reloader and is a level 45 tank. You can play using this tank here.


The Twin Reloader has 2 cannons on the front, each shooting 3 bullets. This tank is actually the same as all of the others - the Reloader and the Recharger, it has 6 on the front, each with a delay. This tank also has a HUGE recoil, which can help or hurt.


  • This tank has good speed, and is better than the Reloader because it shoots 2 rounds of 3.
  • The best way to use this tank is to run at someone and UNLOAD! Use the buffed recoil of this tank to run away after and reload.
  • If you see a barrel tank like Destroyer or Annihilator, you are probably screwed.


Let's Double Up The Party
Upgrade to Twin Reloader

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