I know de wey. No need to ausk for de wey, becus de onlee wey you be gowun es down!

Ugandan Knuckles is the Waller Legion Commander, one of the ten commanders of the Legion of the Lord, Lord Sassafras's army, in the Extended Tale of Diep. Idea by Diepmon.


Ugandan Knuckles was an echidna who lived in the Crimsoned Expanse, not knowing much about the world around him, being a simple animal. What he did understand was that he had food, and there was a lot of it in the Crimsoned Expanse. Then came the day that Lord Sassafras needed Legion Commanders, and Sassafrexen was in charge of finding the requisite beings to head the Legion. Sassafrexen happened to choose the bloated echidna, and with the power of IE Energy, he became Ugandan Knuckles. He has an uncanny sense of direction because... you know.


Ugandan Knuckles has a bloated red circular body with tiny arms and hands, which hold a long spear and shield with his face on it. Inside the face is a trap launcher. His nose juts out, with his eyes where they would be on the overhead view. He has his spikes (or what's left of them) towards the back of his body, and a tan belly in front.

Invasion Army Event

Ugandan Knuckles spawns Tier 1, 2, 3, and rarely 4 Waller-class Legionnaires to assist him in battle.

Phase 1

  • I KNOW DE WAE!: Used as his first attack. Ugandan Knuckles summons 50 Waller Legionnaires who charge with him towards the largest group of players.
  • Bowlin': Ugandan Knuckles drops his weapons and curls into a somewhat spiky ball, rolling towards a group of players at high speed, dealing medium knockback and damage.
  • Triple Blast: Ugandan Knuckles releases three volleys of 5-8 high-speed traps each at players that explode on impact, dealing small area damage.
  • Quintuple Slash: Ugandan Knuckles slashes in a 10-pointed star formation on one player for 5 hits, each dealing medium damage.
  • Express Trip: Ugandan Knuckles uses his spear like a javelin, but upon throwing it, he sticks to it, sending him flying over 50 tiles away within 3 seconds. Where he lands, the ground is cratered and any players he hits are dealt very high damage.
  • Fester and Froth: Ugandan Knuckles slashes the ground with his spear, opening a rift, which inside of is a portal to the Realm of Sassafras. IE Energy in its raw form comes flooding out, Sassafrizing and inflicting Confused on any players who are unlucky enough to touch the fast-moving flow of IE Energy for 15 seconds.
  • Shield Block: Ugandan Knuckles blocks with his shield, reflecting all ammunition fired at him (except magic or explosion damage) and sends it back at players at full power for 10 seconds. He takes 60% less damage from melee attacks during this ability.
  • Build a Wall: Ugandan Knuckles fires from his shield a dense wall of about 200 traps in front of him for Legionnaires to take cover behind.
  • Boomerangs: Ugandan Knuckles fires out pentagonal traps that fly out far then return to him, exactly like boomerangs.
  • Insidious Face: Ugandan Knuckles expands his shield to three times its normal size, also making his face on it very big and obnoxious. The shield releases a massive trap, inside of which is 5-10 Waller Legionnaires.
  • Trapgun: Ugandan Knuckles fires small traps from his shield at the fire rate of a Gunner for 5 seconds.

Phase 2

Ugandan Knuckles enters Phase 2 at 30% health. He moves even slower than before but has Armored and Strengthened for the rest of the battle. He can use his Phase 1 attacks, in addition to new ones listed below.

  • Spicy Slam: Ugandan Knuckles body-slams a group of players by jumping into the air and landing on top of them, dealing very high damage in a large area.
  • Brutal Pointer: Ugandan Knuckles strikes the nearest player to him with his spear, tossing them into the air and impaling them for fatal damage.
  • Echidna Trapstrike: Ugandan Knuckles calls in a "trapstrike" to a very large area centered on him. Portals open as Sassafras Minions in mini fighter jets release bombs filled with 150 traps each onto the battlefield, littering it with traps everywhere and making a mess. Players only have 10 seconds from the initial call to get out of range of the attack before they are targeted.
  • Thorn Toss: Ugandan Knuckles pumps out 5 large Thorn Mines from his spawner before hurling them at players with his spear. On impact, they explode and release their spikes for more damage.
  • Zoned Blast: Ugandan Knuckles casts 5 targets on the ground around him as all Waller Legionnaires angle their traps into the sky, causing the traps to fall on those targeted areas. Damage varies depending on how many Legionnaires are present.
  • Glory to Hesperia: Ugandan Knuckles infuses himself with IE Energy, gaining Frenzy for 10 seconds and summoning 10 Waller Legionnaires to aid in battle. The summoning can occur a maximum of four times; the Frenzy buff can be used an unlimited amount of times.
  • Build a Bigger Wall: Ugandan Knuckles performs Build a Wall, but with Mega Traps instead of normal-sized traps.
  • Wall Up: All Waller Legionnaires move in front of Ugandan Knuckles, protecting him from damage as they increase their trap reload by 50%.
  • Impact Upgrade: Ugandan Knuckles draws a square on the ground around a Tier 1 WallerLegionnaire with his spear. After 2 seconds, a cube-shaped boulder comes flying down from the sky, crushing the Legionnaire. However, the Legionnaire is unharmed, immediately upgrading to Tier 4.
  • BOOM: Used at 0 HP. Ugandan Knuckles explodes into IE Energy, returning to Hesperia as every Legionnaire explodes into a pile of Thorn Mines to return with him, which then explode for maximum catastrophic destruction.


  • I don't care if it's a dead meme or not. The fact that it is (or was) a meme and Rise of Hesperia specializes in memes.
  • When leading an Invasion Army, Ugandan Knuckles takes the fastest and most direct route to Hexen's fortress, because... he knows de wey.
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