Ultra Boss Mode is a Game Mode in which teams of players both attack each other and fight extra powerful Bosses that spawn with great regularity.


  • There are two teams in Ultra Boss Mode- red and blue. Their Bases are square, like those in 4 Teams, and are located in opposite corners of the map, as far as possible from each other.
  • Polygons award twice as much XP.
  • Normal Bosses spawn every five minutes, even if there is an Ultra boss in the server.
  • Ultra Bosses spawn every twenty minutes, unless there is one in the server.
  • The game ends when one hundred Ultra Bosses have been killed.
  • After being killed three times by a Boss (not by a Player or Pentagon), the player can no longer return to that server.
  • The leaderboard shows ten people who have the most "Boss XP". The XP that a Boss awards goes into this. Also, 1 damage to a boss = 1 boss XP.
  • The base Protectors never attack Bosses, though Bosses are prevented from going on bases.
  • The Pentagon Nest has a vastly increased chance to spawn Green Polygons.

List of Normal Bosses

List of Ultra Bosses


  • My first game mode conception!
  • My worst game mode conception!
    • Can't make a worse conception if you stop making them at all amirite patrik
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