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The Vacuum upgrades from the Extender at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The front of the tank has a claw-like shape connected to the tank body by a short segmented barrel which resembles that of a Streamliner's. On the back is a very short trapezoidal base with a small spike on it (not a lance.)


This tank can suck up polygons and things nearby. It can suck up any polygon below a Nonagon (see this page for info about polygons in the extended Diep universe: Polygons (Chapsteck4yurlipis)) and gain the points from it. To suck up polygons, they must be close to you. Once you are close enough, the polygons will start moving toward your vacuum (the front thing) and they will be instantly destroyed once inside. It can also suck up drones, bullets, or traps, but the last will deal 10% of the damage to you if you were to touch it instead of sucking it up. However, the suction area is only in a cone area in front of the tank. If you approach a polygon from the back, it won't get sucked in until you turn to face it with the vacuum. You can also vacuum up all kinds of Crashers. Here is a list of what the Vacuum cannot suck in:

  • Dominators, Motherships, and Arena Closers
  • Mega Trapper Traps
  • Destroyer or Annihilator bullets
  • Bomber bombs
  • All kinds of tanks
  • Any kind of boss or mini-boss, including Nest Defenders
  • Tears of Panzer
  • Maze walls
  • Smasher branch tanks (see below for mechanics on this)
  • Polygons that are Nonagons or bigger (damage mechanics like tanks below)

Tanks are a different matter. When sucked in, tanks won't fit through the hole and they'll get stuck in your barrel. They can fire at you, but you can't fire back due to the lack of other ammunition. Instead, they get constant but low damage from your vacuum. Smashers can be sucked up, but will get stuck and deal low body damage to you constantly. It's a bad idea to try to suck those guys up. Operating the vacuum uses the same controls as firing normally. So just turn Auto Fire off to release a tank. Alternatively, you can right-click to release a burst of air to jettison a stuck tank out of your barrel. This burst mechanic also pushes away larger stuck polygons and also pushes away nearby entities a tiny bit. You cannot suck up teammates, though.

Bullet Damage is changed to Suction Damage, Bullet Speed is changed to Suction Range, Bullet Penetration is removed entirely, while Reload is changed to Suction Strength (pull power is increased.)


  • This tank is devastating on its own at first (its cone area is about 3/4 the area of an Alpha Pentagon), but once it sucks up drones and whatnot, it possesses little offensive capabilities. Note that the bullets/traps/drones fired by a tank already stuck in the barrel are NOT sucked up unless they are fired straight into the tank. So an Overlord with one of its spawners stuck in the tank can still use its other three spawners to spawn drones to kill its captor.
  • An exception to the "no sucking up bosses" clause is the Avatar of Panzer and Glimpse of Panzer. Note that it won't actually suck up the boss itself, it just visibly sucks up some of the black and white goo that comes with these bosses, doing 3x damage. The goo is replenished by the boss, so there's no way to completely suck it up, which would be OP.
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