The Vantalancer is a tank that upgrades from the Bastion at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The Vantalancer has 5 Gunner barrels instead of the Bastion's four, but now the barrels are angled like a Penta Shot's. The middle barrel is under the lance, which is slightly longer than that of the Bastion's.


The Vantalancer has a higher acceleration to top charging speed, although it can only charge for 3 seconds and has the same top speed. It can also go invisible after staying stationary for 5 seconds, although if an enemy tank gets too close it will be revealed again. When the charge is finished, the bullets fire out shotgun-style in front of the tank. Base bullet speed is increased by 40% while base bullet penetration and damage are reduced by 25%.


  • I needed a shotgun-style tank. Let's make it a Lancer, too!

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