"Erm... Two Dimensional Glowsticks?"


Verbebta is a boss tank that was added on 1/8/2018. She can be found in &*_ _ _TWRE as a secretive boss, only found in a certain location. Verbebta can control every players stats in a single server. Verbebta features no weapons, but has many attacks.

Verbebta can be spawned by having a Superposition ram into the fifth or eight Icosagon spawned in &*_ _ _TWRE. After this is done, the Annihilator and their Superposition companion are teleported to the FFA Server Verbebta spawned in.


Verbebta features a carbon black colored circular tank body with Eight differently colored stat bars around it, representing the eight stats in Diep.io. One of the stat bars is pushed closer to the tank body itself. The stat bars have a cyan glow.


Verbebta was an entity back when tanks started to evolve from the Ball entity. Back then, there was only Tank, Twin, Triplet, Triple Shot, Quad Tank, and Octo Tank. Verbebta provided the stats for every tank. After a while, all of her power was drained by an Octo Tank and a Overangle for independence. She was unjustly banished to &*_ _ _TWRE by Crackers as a plan to gather energy to build tanks. Many tanks didn't care as they could now build their own stats, but many tanks were nerfed. No one noticed though. Eventually, the tanks figured everything out. When Verbebta was found again, she wanted her status back.


Verbebta features 32,000 health, which is quite a lot above the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, Verbebta will drop 320,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Verbebta, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45 and over. Verbebta will regenerate 90 health per second if she is left alone for 10 seconds, making this boss an extreme pain to deal with alone. Verbebta, has Body Damage determined of how much of that stat she has stolen. Verbebta also has the movement speed of how much of the Movement Speed stat she has stolen.

Phase 1

In the start of Phase One, Verbebta will roam around the server. Verbebta is invincible for this part of the phase. If a tank is rammed, which is the only way to progress the battle, the stat bar that touched the tank will be filled up by Verbebta, and that stat will be disabled for every tank to use. To ram, Verbebta can Teleport, Increase her own movement speed, Charge like the Lancer, Spin and then dash towards a tank, and grappling onto a tank. After each stat bar is filled up, Phase 2 will begin.

There is a 10% chance for Phase 1 to persist longer than it should, giving Verbebta an extra stat point. This will lead to the Phase 2 Stat Forms being in their "Overloaded" forms instead of their normal forms.

Phase 2

Verbebta will start to attack tanks and randomly switch forms. Imaginably, this will be insanely difficult as no one in the battle has stats to battle with.

Verbebta has 8 different forms corresponding to the original Stats in Diep.io, being Refuge, Base, Rammer, Ranged, Duration, Blitz, Spam, and Escape, standing for Health Regen, Max Health, Body Damage, Bullet Speed, Bullet Penetration, Bullet Damage, Reload, and Movement Speed respectively. When a form is chosen, Verbebta's stat bars will all collapse to the back and the colors will flash that of the chosen stat formation, then the stat bars will become various tank-based weapons. Each form lasts for 1 minute.

Refuge Form

This form features Verbebta as a pure black Mega Smasher, and She'll be immobile. If you shoot Verbebta in this state, her shell will grow bigger, which means she'll have more health. Don't shoot any type of ammunition at her. It'll make everything worse.


In her overloaded state, Verbebta will actually use the shell as a weapon. The Shell will be moving around Verbebta, who now has another, smaller shell.

Base Form

In this form, Verbebta takes the form of a tank with a Carbon Black tank body and 4 Auto Triple Cruiser Turrets. In essence, she'll be like the removed Base Protector. She will move around at the speed of a Mothership, periodically firing at enemy tanks.


In her overloaded state, 12 Mothership Spawners will be added to the body. 32 AI Drones will be added among the already massive amount of Drones#Partisans.

Rammer Form

In this form, Verbebta takes the form of the Dreadlock with a carbon black body. Dreadlock, being an insane ramming boss, perfectly fits Verbebta in her Ramming form.


In her overloaded state, Verbebta can use the Lancers cha- lolnope.

In her overloaded state, Verbebta can eject the Lances on her, and fire lasers from the lances. The lasers deal 70 damage every second.

Ranged Form

In this form, Verbebta will take the form of a carbon black Fighter, but with each gun split into 2, and stats are amplified by x3.


In her overloaded state, Verbebta will add a 3 sided Ranger War Turret. Bullet Speed is amplified by x4 on top of the stat multiplier.

Duration Form

In this form, Verbebta will become a modified carbon-black Annihilator that shoots AI Missiles that last for 30 seconds. Stats are the same as an Annihilator


In her overloaded state, Verbebta will have another gun mounted on the back which is one of the guns from the Sprayblaster. Instead of shooting bullets, it fires Traps with Auto Turrets. Stats are still the same as before.

Blitz Form

In this form, Verbebta has a Factory Spawner that randomly fires Streamliners and Spread Shots, without limit, with the same stats as their maxed out counterparts. Verbebta will randomly fire Destroyer Bullets as well.


In her overloaded state, the Destroyer Bullets have 5 Battleship Spawners attached to them with the same stats as a maxed out Battleship. Bullet Damage is buffed for every component.

Spam Form

In this form, Verbebta becomes a combination of Sprayblaster, Biohazard, and Spread Shot, with a Sprayblaster Cannon on the back, Insectoid Cannons mounted on the sized, and Spread Shot Cannons on the front. Stats are nerfed, except for reload, which is increased by x3.


In her overloaded state, Cannon amount is multiplied by 2, making for an insane bullet spam challenge. She moves slower in this overloaded form, although this makes the battle harder as more bullets are stacked together.

Escape Form

In this form, the stat bars, instead of becoming weapons, wrap around her, creating a shield. The Four bars that are left become Booster Cannons with the same stats as a Punt Gun.

Surprisingly, there is no overloaded version of this form. Just a stat increase determined by the equation of Movement Speed * (Extra Stat+1).

At the end of Phase 2 Verbebta will warp back into her form with the stat bars, then the bars themselves will collapse, and everyone in the server will get their stats back. Verbebta is just a stand-alone circle, but she has one more trick up her sleeve.

A goddamn black hole.

She goes to the center of the Map.

Phase 3

Verbebta uses the empty stat shells to compress herself into a certain space. This is a 45-second process, and during it, tanks need to escape the radius of the pentagon nest. During the process, the empty stat bars slowly break into Trap shaped glass. At the 40 second mark, Verbebta will temporarily implode for 5 second, then explode; Verbebta is a mobile Black Hole.

After the transformation, Verbebta moves at the speed of a Fallen Overlord, and is basically the same as before, but pitch black with an accretion disk. You have to stay at least an Alpha Pentagon's distance away from Verbebta, or else you will get sucked in and immediately die.

Verbebta slowly evaporates and loses health over a 10-minute time span, so all you have to do is to outlive her attacks, all described below.


  • Burst: Verbebta flashes white and then emmits quick streams of Gamma Radiation from the front and back of the tank. The Gamma-Ray Burst that has been emitted dissipates at the edge of the sight of a Ranger, and always takes off 3/4ths of a tanks health. Each pair of bursts fired has 2 seconds in between before the next one fires. 24 in total must fire for the attack to end, making the attack last around One Minute.
  • Afterglow: This happens after Burst has ended. From where the GRB's have been at in the past, rainbow colored streaks will appear and disappear after 30 seconds. Each one instantly kills a player that touches them.
  • Focus: Verbebta flashes red and fires out multiple jets of glassy traps without spread, similar to how a Streamliner fires. The amount of jets is between 2-8. Any tank close to Verbebta will be trapped in a circle of glassy traps. The jets rotate with the stopping point being the circle. Over time, the circle grows smaller and the tanks inside have to stay at the very edge to survive. All of jets rotate either rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. This attack ends after 45 seconds.
  • Eject: If a tank falls into Verbebta's event horizon, and Focus is in use, multiple AI copies of the tank that died will explode outward from Verbebta, going outside of the glassy traps.
  • Hawking Radiation: If a tank is near Verbebta, there is a 5% chance for the tank to quickly evaporate, and explode in the range of 5x of that of an Alpha Pentagon. Tanks in the range will either die in the center, of be jettisoned outwards towards the edge of the map and take recoil damage.

Death Animation

After the 10 Minutes of fighting are done, Verbebta will simply explode and kill tanks in the radius of 2x of an Alpha Pentagon. A rather somber and simplistic way for this boss to end, but, then again, how does a black hole die?


  • The First Boss that I have made that effects stats.
    • Also the first boss on the wikia to effect stat points serverwide.
  • Verbebta's name is a slightly changed combination of the Latin words for Ability and Transform, being Habebat and Verto respectively.
  • The first two forms were named differently when Verbebta was first added.
    • The Refuge form was once called the "Regen Form".
    • The Base form was once called the "Health Form".
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