Virus Polygons are a dangerous type of Polygon that spawn very rarely. When any polygon is spawned it has 0.05% chance to be infected. The 0.05% is decreased to 0% for 5 min when an infected polygon spawned.

When this polygon spawns, you can see it on the map and every player will be alerted because of the high danger... if you don't stop it, it will infect other polygons with little virus triangles. The amount of virus triangles an infected polygon can spawn is dependent on its health. When virus triangles kill a tank, the tank will become infected and AI-Controlled. (the tank is no longer controlled by a player. The Tank will not die, but it will become infected. You will be sent to the death screen, and you will respawn as an entirely new tank.) When the infected tank kills another polygon or tank, it will also become infected. If the pentagon nest is infected, you have a problem... Also, infected things have 10 times the health of the original entity.

How do you find it?

A green arrow will point to the Virus when it spawns. The more infected polygons there are, the bigger the arrow is. When there are too many viruses, the arrow will split.

What happens if the server is taken over by the Virus?

Then,you will have the option to be in the fight or not. If you select yes then you will enter the server as a buffed class that you can pick and will be immune to the Virus.

Can Arena Closers kill them easily?

No, sadly, they need your help when the Virus takes over. Also, Bosses will be on your side to. Same as to any time. Fighting other player controlled tanks will do nothing.All player tanks are on 1 team. So, when the Virus takes over, get ready!

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