The Warhorse is one of the current Tier 4 Tank options that upgrades from the Jouster Tank at Level 45. The Warhorse may not upgrade any further as it is at the end of its tank line. The Warhorse features a new weapon mounted onto the top; A War Turret; which become a great asset to protect the Tank from flanking.


The design is similar to the Jouster, it has four Lance Turrets which are aligned in a forward-back alignment to protect its front and back, in addition the Warhorse has a pair of Turrets which are on double circle spinners. This causes the Warhorse's Auto Turrets to swing wildly although it allows for full 360 rotation of both turrets. This type of turret is called a War Turret.

War Turrets

War Turrets are very similar to Auto Turrets, although they have a main difference, being that two or more Auto Turrets are mounted onto another Base, adding another layer of rotation. On this tank, the War Turret is a basic Two Sided War Turret, as it has 2 weapons mounted onto it. Some Bosses have War Turrets with more than Two Sides, like on Verbebta, which has a Three Sided Ranger War Turret.


  • Increased Damage Output
  • Reduced Bullet Speed
  • Auto-Turrets: High Reload Speed, Low Bullet Penetration
  • Lance Turrets: Low Reload Speed, High Bullet Penetration


  • This tank was adopted by Tacocat247.
  • This introduces a new unique weapon; The War Turret.
    • Its namesake comes from the fact it comes from this tank.
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