The Watergun serves as the second member and upgrade of the Adventurer Branch. It has been upgraded from the Basic Tank at Level 15 and can be further promoted into the Nautilus, or Acidgun at Level 30.


The Watergun is a blue circle-shaped tank with a gray nozzle instead of a barrel on the front. There is also a sky-blue circle in the middle of the base.


The Watergun discharges the ability to shoot bullets but instead uses water as a projectile. The circle in the middle may look like just part of its design, but it actually indicates there's a substance inside. When shooting, the substance slowly starts to disappear. This may sound like a huge problem, but it's a minor one. It refills rather quickly, but you should still try not to waste it. Water is precious, y'know. When the water is shot, it stays on the map for some time, being able to deal damage to enemies who ride over it. Despite the low damage, standing it in for a while makes it a deadly projectile.

  • If you die by standing in the enemy's water for too long, you'll get a unique death message: "You drowned by [username]".
  • Any stat option with 'Bullet' is replaced with 'Liquid'. So, Max Health and Liquid Effectiveness (damage and penetration stats fused) are passively increased. Reload is decreased, however.
  • Despite maxing out 'Liquid Effectiveness', the damage and penetration of water-based projectiles are actually still weaker than a Level 15 Twin without stat upgrades.


  • Healthy and deadly — Upgrade to Watergun
Healthy and deadly
Upgrade to Watergun


  • This once used to be a Tier 3 upgrade from the Researcher branch, but that has been scrapped and the Watergun was downgraded to Tier 2 as one of the Adventurer Branch's main upgrades.
  • Background made by Anonymoususer12321.
  • Design was changed due to also changing the mechanics.
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