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The White Whirlwind is a 2nd Gen Boss. It is not a dual boss, unlike Black Blizzard.


The White Whilwind has a unique base. It has two pentagons, one larger and one smaller. Both have two Spawner, but also have two barrels on the middle.


White Whirlwinds

The boss spawns 6 crashers per second, each with about 150 HP. They have a maximum of 36 crashers around. The crashers will chase the Top 10 players in its area. Their speed is as fast as a maxed Booster.


It has about 4,500 health. It is as fast as a maxed Triangle moving backwards.

What the White Whirlwind looks like.


1. Warp

  • The boss teleports to the center of the map, regaining a fifth of its health.

2. Disguise

  • The boss will turn into a false Guardian to fake people.

3. Imitation

  • The boss copies the stats of a player in the map.

4. Whirl

  • The boss circles around the whole map quickly, regaining a fifth of its health.

5. Barrage

  • The boss disables its hind Spawners and uses its front Spawners with double the crashers and speed.


  • Strong against: Ramming builds, fast tanks, and Overseer branch
  • Weak against: High DPS tanks, Sniper branch, and spammer tanks.


  • It is based on Black Blizzard.
  •  Although it is similar to Black Blizzard, it has one base.