The Witch is a Tier 4 upgrade from the Hunter, alongside the Arsonist, Streamliner and Predator, and the Sorcerer. Like the Arsonist, it uses an aura, but the difference is that the Witch's main attack is still its bullets.


The Witch looks very similar to the Arsonist, but the trapezium on top of its barrels is now upside down (compared to the Arsonist).


The only two differences between the Witch and the Arsonist is (a) the Witch's penetration and damage is the same as the Hunter (it gets no nerf) and (b) the Witch spawns an Aura of Weakness and Sickness, instead of an Aura of Burning.

  • This double aura is often collectively referred to as the Aura of Infection.

The Witch's auras are as big (well, small) as the Aura of Burning, but they only last for 3 seconds. Like the Arsonist, the aura will only be spawned if the player being targeted isn't currently already in another Aura of Infection.

  • So what do the auras do? Well, the Aura of Weakness decreases movement speed and reload, while the Aura of Sickness reduces penetration. For further detail, please visit the Aura page.


  • Strong against: Low reload or penetration, slow tanks, Trapper branch, Drone controllers, Rammers
  • Weak against: High reload or penetration, fast tanks, usual sniper stuff again

As the Witch

  • The Witch is a viable option in FFA, but it's also a very good support tank. The auras it creates can be extremely useful for allies, as they weaken the tank being attacked, making it vulnerable.
  • The Witch, like the Arsonist, forces people to move, which it why it is great against trappers. Their traps will also be weakened.
  • Similarly, any drones that go into this aura will permanently have lower health (penetration). Bullets will be weakened too (except other Witches' bullets), which can lead to a chain of hits, perhaps ending with a kill.
  • The Witch is great at defending against rammer builds, which is surprising, considering it's a sniper. The aura it creates lowers reload and speed, the backbones of most rammer attacks.

Against the Witch

  • Killing the Witch is pretty much the same as killing the Hunter, except you can't really use a rammer. Like the Arsonist (and any other sniper), don't get hit and you'll be fine.
  • Bullet spammers work well.
  • Speed and penetration are the keys to killing the Witch.


  • The Witch is the only tank that can regularly spawn an Aura of Sickness.
  • Unlike the Arsonist, the Witch's bullets are immune to its auras.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.
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