Wizard is a tier 3 tank that is one of the current upgrade options from the Hexer. It may further upgrade into the Necromancer, the Collider, and the Summoner. Idea by Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL!


The Wizard features a Square shaped tank body with a singular Cannon mounted on the front.


Wizard works similarly to its tier 4 counterpart, the Necromancer. If it touches squares, it "infects" them and gains them as an AI controlled minion, twelve of them maximum. It can also shoot regular Bullets. The body damage added on from Hexer is still added onto this tank.


  • Basically a tier 3 Necromancer
  • There used to be an upgrade called Warlock, which might be readded, which can turn invisible. It was redacted because it has looks similar to the Factory tank.
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