It is a time of war. Unlike the old fashioned, mindless battles held in the arena, this gamemode has many elements of actual warfare in it. Dig trenches and build turrets to destroy the enemy and write history in your favour!

World War is a gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The gameplay of World War is quite similar to the now-defunct Mothership gamemode in a sense that both modes have teams and a "team leader" of sorts, but each team has different classes available for use. The "Team Leader" for each team that gives various boosts and can use skills when alive. Once killed however, the team pretty much loses its power and collapses without its leader using skills. Also, once the leader dies, tanks on its team can no longer respawn.


Normal players are assigned randomly to different teams, both spawning and respawning as level 45 tanks. What they can upgrade to is rather limited by their respective team. Players can chat via pressing Enter. Their message will be broadcast to their team members only; enemies will not receive your message.

The battlefield is completely barren of polygons and has 10 naturally generating structures randomly generated onto it. Tanks can place gun turrets, barricades and other things on the map. Bosses do not spawn.

Gold is essential for playing the game. Players need gold to build structures. Gold can be obtained through Gold Mines or killing the enemy; Killing a normal enemy will give the killer 50 gold while killing a Team Leader will reward 1000 gold. Players can give gold to others by pressing G whilst firing; the player will shoot 10 gold at a teammate who can pick it up. All players start off with 200 gold.

Team Leaders

A Team Leader commands the whole team and can use abilities. They may either be offensive, defensive or supportive and rarely have exceptions. The survival of the leader is of paramount importance to the team as without it, the teammates cannot respawn. Abilities are, of course, different for each team. The leaders themselves are Mothership-like in both function and physical power. All team leaders have 7000 health, exactly like that of a Mothership. They are the size of Bosses. Team Leaders can chat with other Team Leaders; they can form unofficial alliances if they want to (whether for friendship, deception or uniting against a common enemy), but friendly fire is still enabled. When a Team Leader is killed, the team of the tank/structure/vehicle that killed it will gain access to the dead Team Leader's team's exclusive structures and tank classes.


Each team has different abilities available to the leader, and different exclusive structures, tank classes and a starting stat point in a stat for the teammates. If one is not on a team and tries to upgrade to that team's exclusive tanks or build that team's exclusive structure, the option will be restricted. If a team has access to a certain tier 4 tank, but does not have access to its tier 3 predecessor, then they will upgrade to the tier 4 tank directly through the tier 2 predecessor of the tier 3 tank.


Blue focuses on outlasting its opponents, defensive structures and various healing methods for staying alive. With walls like no other, Blue is sure to stall its way to victory.

  • Leader: A blue, movable Trapper Dominator without the hexagonal base.
    • Abilities:
      • Passive: All team members have doubled health regeneration and take 20% less damage.
      • Passive: When an enemy tank is destroyed, all team members heal for 5% of max health.
      • Active: Power Wall. For 20 seconds, when a bullet expires, it turns into a normal trap. Cooldown is 1 minute.
  • Exclusive tanks: The entirety of the Trapper branch (shares Gunner Trapper with Red, Overtrapper with Green and Mega-Trapper with Yellow).
  • Exclusive structures: Force Field, Advanced Heal Station.
  • Starting Stat Point: Health Regeneration.


Red's main strength is their offensive capability. Boasting sheer firepower and extreme bullet spam, don't expect Red to go down without a fight, if going down at all.

  • Leader: A red Triplet, but with 6 barrels instead of 3. One might call it a Sextuplet.
    • Abilities:
      • Passive: All team members have doubled damage output.
      • Active: Truestrike. For 10 seconds, all bullets have infinite penetration. Cooldown is 1 minute.
      • Active: Hyper Beam. A large, immobile Streamliner emerges from the ground and aims at the Leader's mouse while a charging sound effect is heard. 3 seconds later, it unleashes a grand total of 500 bullets in the same direction, creating massive carnage in that direction, all in 3 seconds. The Streamliner disappears afterwards. Cooldown is 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Exclusive tanks: The entirety of the Gunner and Triplet branches, Factory and Sprayer. (shares Gunner Trapper with Blue, Factory with Green, Penta Shot, Spread Shot and Sprayer with Purple, and Streamliner with Yellow)
  • Exclusive structures: Advanced Gatling Turret, Laser.
  • Starting Stat Point: Bullet Damage.


Green mainly utilizes drones to their advantage. Masterful strategies allow Green to maneuver its drones straight towards the enemy's heart, and to victory.

  • Leader: A playable Summoner, but green.
    • Abilities:
      • Passive: All team members have +4 drones, whether controllable or uncontrollable.
      • Active: Drone Warp. For 20 seconds, all drones immediately teleport to the player's mouse when he/she left-clicks. Cooldown is 1 minute.
      • Active: Drone Support. Summon in a small Mothership with 3000 health as support for the team. The Mothership, if not killed, lasts for 1 minute. Cooldown is 1 minute after the Mothership has been killed.
  • Exclusive tanks: The entirety of the Overseer branch, and Hybrid. (shares Overtrapper with Blue, Factory with Red, Battleship with Purple, and Hybrid and Manager with Yellow)
  • Exclusive structures: Advanced Missile Launcher, Turbo Booster.
  • Starting Stat Point: Bullet Penetration/Drone Health.


Purple primarily specializes in board control. Swarming the field with endless bullets, there is no escape from the wrath of Purple.

  • Leader: An Octo Tank, but with double the barrels. Perhaps a Hexadeca Tank?
    • Abilities:
      • Passive: All team members have doubled reload rate.
      • Active: Bullet Bombing. An area gets bombarded with 300 bullets spawning out of nowhere and spreading randomly. Cooldown is 1 minute.
      • Active: Infinity Storm. For 10 seconds, all bullets fired will be Skimmer missiles instead of normal bullets. If the bullet fired is already a Skimmer/Rocketeer missile, then those missiles will shoot missiles. Cooldown is 1 minute 15 seconds.
  • Exclusive tanks: The entirety of the Quad Tank and Twin Flank branches (besides Auto 5, since everyone has access to Auto 3), Skimmer, Rocketeer, Penta Shot, Spread Shot and Sprayer. (shares Penta Shot, Spread Shot and Sprayer with Red, Battleship with Green, and Skimmer and Rocketeer with Yellow)
  • Exclusive structures: Advanced Flamethrower, Deflector.
  • Starting Stat Point: Reload.


Yellow's motto is "One shot, one kill." Packing extreme power within a single shot and notorious stealth capabilities, expect Yellow when you least expect it.

  • Leader: Essentially an Arena Closer, but not invulnerable and with MUCH slower reload to balance the game. Reload is only that of a Destroyer Dominator.
    • Abilities:
      • Passive: All team members turn invisible after staying still for 10 seconds.
      • Active: Power Shot. For 5 seconds, all team members stop firing and take 80% less damage. After those 5 seconds, they all unleash one extremely damaging, super fast shot before returning to normal fire. Cooldown is 45 seconds.
      • Active: Mass Cloak: For 10 seconds, all team members are invisible. Cooldown is 1 minute.
  • Exclusive tanks: The entirety of the Destroyer, Assassin and Hunter branches, Manager and Mega Trapper. (shares Mega Trapper with Blue, Streamliner with Red, Hybrid and Manager with Green, and Skimmer and Rocketeer with Purple)
  • Exclusive structures: Advanced Mortar, Railgun.
  • Starting Stat Point: Bullet Speed.


Grey gives out free hugs. Deadly hugs. Possessing invincible armour and heavy body damage, Grey rushes into battle and often rushes right out of the other side- with a line of corpses with holes right behind it.

  • Leader: A Booster with 8 back barrels and a Smasher shell.
    • Abilities:
      • Passive: All team members are immune to Body Damage and Bullet Knockback from enemy players (they are still susceptible to vehicle rams though).
      • Passive: When a team member kills an enemy, they recover 10% of their max health.
      • Active: Armour Break. All enemies take 50% more damage for 15 seconds. Cooldown is 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Exclusive tanks: The entirety of the Smasher and Tri-Angle branches.
  • Exclusive structures: Advanced Grappling Hook, Circus Cannon.
  • Starting Stat Point: Movement Speed.


Not much needs to be explained here. Most artificial structures serve some sort of actual purpose other than to block enemy invaders. Natural structures can be both offensive and defensive, or just irritating.

Naturally generated structures

  • River: A wide river that cannot be crossed without the aid of a bridge. If one digs a trench connecting to the river, the water will flow into the trench, turning it into a smaller river. If tanks cannot get out of water within 30 seconds, they will drown. This can be used to chase enemy tanks out of trenches.
  • Small Castle: A small building that tanks can use for various purposes. Tanks can hide inside the castle, or climb to the top of the castle and shoot at enemies beneath them, but they cannot directly retaliate. They can, however, destroy the castle, which crumbles and kills all in/on it. Has 10000 health and can house 25 tanks in it.
  • Large Castle: Mostly the same thing as it's smaller counterpart. Has 30000 health and can house 100 tanks.
  • Cannon: A Dominator-like structure that does not need its health depleted to take over it. Instead, one can simply press H and the tank will simply hop onto the cannon and control it. The Cannon has 5000 health and a Destroyer Dominator Cannon with the reload of a Ranger.
  • Minefield: Has 50 Mines that upon being stepped on, explode and do heavy damage.
  • Gold Mine: There is always at least 1 of these on the map. Gold Mines are indestructible and standing in one will reward the whole team with 5 gold per second.
  • Wall: Just a wall. Has 10000 health and can cover 20 tanks behind it.
  • Fortress: A wall with 20 strong Auto Turrets on it. Has 2000 health and can cover 30 tanks behind it.
  • Sea: Only 1 sea can exist on a map at once. Usually located near the edge of the map, no tank or ground vehicle can go too far into the water without risking getting destroyed.

Artificial Structures

These are everyday turrets, sandbags and barricades that are buildable. Most cost some gold but a few are free. Artificial structures have a construction time, which is the time between placing and activation. Structures will not do anything they are supposed to do during this construction time, and can be destroyed during it.

  • Trench: Free, 3 seconds. Dig a trench to hide in and shoot at enemies. Enemies can't shoot directly at the player, but they can get in the trench and take it for themselves. Each section of trench can hold 5 tanks.
  • Gun Turret: 50 gold, 5 seconds. Basic turret that shoots at the enemy with mediocre damage and fire rate. Has 1000 health.
  • Sandbag: 10 gold, 1 second. A basic barricade. Has 500 health, can cover 2 tanks behind it and can block water flow in rivers.
  • Barbed Wire Fence: 50 gold, 3 seconds. Does damage to whatever goes through it. Has 1000 health and can cover 5 tanks behind- or in- it.
  • Heal Station: 100 gold, 7 seconds. Radiates a healing aura that heals all allied units near it. Has 1500 health.
  • Heavy Turret: 150 gold, 10 seconds. Stronger than the basic gun turret, but has a bit slower reload. Has 1500 health.
  • Machine Gun Turret: 150 gold, 10 seconds. The exact opposite of the heavy turret. Lower damage, but faster reload. Has 1500 health.
  • Gatling Turret: 200 gold, 12 seconds. Tears enemies apart rapidly, but has a 3% chance every second to jam and stop firing for 3 seconds. Has 1500 health.
  • Pitfall Trap: Free, 5 seconds. Dig a hole, put some cover on it, and voila. When an enemy falls into it, they can't get back out until either they die or someone else digs a trench connected to it. Only has one use initially, then it takes 25 gold to repair.
  • Missile Launcher: 200 gold, 12 seconds. Fires homing missiles that are excellent against vehicles, but perform rather badly against individual troops due to lack of splash damage. Has 2000 health.
  • Flamethrower: 250 gold, 15 seconds. Spews fire at enemies within a limited range. Wrecks troops, but are vulnerable to long range fire as their fuel tanks tend to blow up when shot. Has 750 health.
  • Mortar: 250 gold, 15 seconds. Fires right past enemy defenses into their troops. Has high damage and splash damage, great range and performs well against masses of troops, but has a slow fire rate and cannot target close enemies. Has 1000 health.
  • Caltrop: 5 gold, 1 second. Behaves just like a Trap. Also punctures the tires of crossing vehicles, immobilizing them. Relatively useless against vehicles without tires.
  • Grappling Hook: 100 gold, 7 seconds. Grabs and drags an enemy near it, preferably in the presence of many flamethrowers. Doesn't do any damage itself, but can be devastating when combined with others. Has 750 health.
  • Mine: 30 gold, 2 seconds. Stays hidden until something goes over it; then explodes, doing massive damage. Only has one use, due to obvious reasons. They can naturally spawn in minefields.
  • Rail: 20 gold, 4 seconds. Pave some rails for your trains to move along. Rails can be only destroyed by blows that are sufficient to destroy them in one hit. Has 300 health for each section of rail.
  • Supply Generator: 300 gold, 15 seconds. Has 2000 health. Readily provides supplies every 10 seconds that randomly perform one of the following actions when destroyed:
    • Heal the player by 30% of full health.
    • Increase the bullet damage of the player by 30% for 20 seconds.
    • Decrease the damage done to the player by 30% for 20 seconds.
  • Bridge: 50 gold, 15 seconds. Used to cross rivers or trenches safely; can also be used to block warships. Has 500 health.
  • Repair Bot: 250 gold, 20 seconds. Flies around and repairs other structures and vehicles, but is completely vulnerable on its own. Has 1500 health.
  • Grenade Launcher: 300 gold, 17 seconds. Launches grenades into the enemies, then detonates them when the time is right. Good against crowds! Has 2000 health.
  • Ricochet Turret: 300 gold, 17 seconds. Its fast bullets, upon making contact with an enemy, do damage once and deflect off them into something else. Each individual bullet can ricochet up to 10 times! Has 1750 health.
  • AA Turret: 200 gold, 15 seconds. Can only target flying enemies, but it does ridiculously heavy damage! Has 1200 health.
  • Drone Station: 300 gold, 20 seconds. Essentially a stationary Factory that launches 6 small but deadly Factory Minions. Needs one pilot to control the drones. Has 600 health.

Exclusive structures

Exclusive structures can only be built by their own team. They tend to be extremely expensive and a maximum of 3 of the same structure can be placed at a time. Each team has 2 exclusive structures, one an upgrade of an existing structure and another completely unique.

  • Advanced Healing Station: 800 gold, 30 seconds. Constantly heals all around it at a high speed. Not only does it heal players, it also repairs nearby structures and vehicles! Has 6000 health.
  • Force Field: 1000 gold, 30 seconds. A regenerating shield that is projected from a generator. Destroying the shield does not destroy the structure; the generator must be destroyed. Unfortunately, it is located inside the shield. Once the shield is destroyed, it takes 1 minute to regenerate. The shield has 10000 health and can shield 75 tanks; the generator 1000.
  • Advanced Gatling Turret: 800 gold, 30 seconds. Even higher damage and rate of fire, and best of all, does not jam! Has 5000 health.
  • Laser: 1200 gold, 35 seconds. Fires a continuous laser that pierces through all enemy targets. Will either focus on a single high-health target or cut through an entire row of targets at once! Has 4000 health.
  • Advanced Missile Launcher: 900 gold, 30 seconds. Fires missiles like there's no tomorrow. Annihilates vehicles and even natural structures if given enough time! Has 4500 health.
  • Turbo Booster: 1000 gold, 30 seconds. Everything performed in the range of the Turbo Booster will have double the speed! Shooting, Bullet speed, Drone speed, even movement speed! Has 5000 health.
  • Advanced Flamethrower: 700 gold, 30 seconds. Greater range, hotter fire and tougher fuel tanks compared to the normal flamethrower. Explodes into flames when destroyed, causing even more destruction! Has 4000 health.
  • Deflector: 1200 gold, 35 seconds. A solid barrier that bounces everything right back at the attacker! Weak against explosives and body damage. Has 3500 health and can cover 10 tanks behind it.
  • Advanced Mortar: 1000 gold, 30 seconds. Higher reload, higher damage, even higher splash damage and ridiculous range! Still can't hit anything near it though. Has 4000 health.
  • Railgun: 2000 gold, 40 seconds. One-shots literally everything. Goes through tanks, stops once it hits a structure. Slow reload, only 1 shot every minute. Not a gun on rails. Has 3000 health. 'Nuff said.
  • Advanced Grappling Hook: 800 gold, 25 seconds. Actually does damage! Upon grabbing a tank, it will do some damage to it, then it reels in, dragging it's target on the ground, doing continuous damage in the process. Has 4500 health.
  • Circus Cannon: 1250 gold, 40 seconds. Don't be fooled by the name, the Circus Cannon is actually very powerful! Press H to enter the cannon, then aim at the target and press H again. The player will then be shot out of the cannon at an extremely high speed, doing crazy damage to the target. If the target is killed, the player will keep going forward until he/she does a total of 5000 damage, or flies uninterrupted for 10 seconds. If needed, can be used as a method of transportation. The player is immune to damage while he/she is acting as a living cannonball. Has 6000 health.


All vehicles need a driver or pilot to control them. By pressing H, players can automatically enter/leave the vehicle. There is always at least 1 driver who only controls movement (most of the time); other passengers may control weaponry or special functions, thus requiring good cooperation between players. All vehicles steer with left or right instead of going left or right directly. When a vehicle is destroyed, it explodes, killing the driver and any passengers with it. Vehicles have very high body damage, but only if the driver rams them into things. Otherwise, touching them does nothing to both the player who rammed the vehicle, and the vehicle itself. Vehicles also have a construction time, usually a lot higher than a structure of the same cost.

  • Jeep: 250 gold, 20 seconds. A rather basic jeep with high speed, decent armour and a mounted gun turret. Has 3000 health and space for 3 passengers, with one of them controlling the mounted turret.
  • Tank: 500 gold, 30 seconds. Considering that the player already plays as a tank, seems a bit redundant, eh? Not at all. This actual Tank here features heavy armour and a large cannon capable of one-shotting nearly everything, doing up to 3000 damage in one shot if aimed properly! However, it also comes with rather slow reload and speed. Has 5000 health and space for 1 passenger who controls the turret.
  • Train: 400 gold for each carriage. Trains can only be built on rails and can only move along them. Train carriages come in the following variants:
    • Locomotive: 30 seconds. Powers the whole train by pulling it forward only. To move backwards, a second locomotive must be constructed at the rear of the train, with a second driver. Has 3000 health and no space for passengers.
    • Rail Gun: 40 seconds. No, not that kind of railgun that one-shots everything! This rail gun is a giant Destroyer Dominator mounted on a train carriage, and needs one person to control it. Has 2000 health and space for 1 passenger to control the turret.
    • Infantry Carrier: 30 seconds. Perfect for carrying troops to somewhere else on the battlefield. Has 6000 health and space for 20 passengers.
    • Turret Carrier: 25 seconds. Has 5 controllable gun turrets on them, but is rather lacking in armour. Has 2000 health and space for 5 passengers to control the turrets.
    • Supply Carrier: 40 seconds. Carries lots of supplies that are exactly the same as those from a Supply Generator. Tanks can go in, destroy a few, and come back out. Has 3500 health and space for 10 passengers.
  • Fighter: 600 gold, 45 seconds. Take to the skies and gun enemies from above! Going forwards lets the driver take off while going backwards lets him/her land. The Fighter can only be hit by offensive structures (except for the Flamethrower and Mortar), and is armed with 2 rapid-fire machine guns that fire directly in front of them. High maneuverability and speed, but low armour and awfully weak against missiles. Has 2000 health and no space for passengers.
  • Bomber: 700 gold, 50 seconds. Same controls as the Fighter, with the addition of pressing B to drop a bomb and destroy everything directly below the Bomber. Carries 20 bombs and is otherwise completely unarmed and must land to reload. Reloading the Bomber takes 30 seconds. Has 2500 health.
  • APC: 500 gold, 30 seconds. Decent armour and troop capacity, but has lower speed than the jeep. Also has a mounted gun turret. Has 4000 health and space for 9 passengers, with one of them controlling the mounted turret.
  • Missile Truck: 800 gold, 50 seconds. Launches one huge missile that delivers mass destruction at a targeted area! Takes 1 minute to reload. Has 3500 health and space for 1 passenger who controls the missile targeting and launching.
  • Warship: 600 gold, 45 seconds. Can only be built in rivers or seas. Designed to travel rivers and seas, it is equipped with 6 gun turrets, 3 on each side of it. Has 5000 health and space for 6 passengers to control the turrets.


Mercenaries are neutral entities the size of Fallen Boosters that have a 5% chance each to show up at the start of the game. They can be hired to fight for your team. To hire them, one must give them enough gold to successfully "convert" them to the team. If one wishes to convert a mercenary that has already been hired by another team to their own team, they must give the mercenary the amount of gold paid to them by the team that hired him/her in the first place, plus a set amount of additional gold. In essence, mercenaries serve the highest bidder. Thus, it is advised to keep giving mercenaries some gold in order to make it harder for them to be converted. When a mercenary dies, they drop the minimum requirement of gold needed to hire them. There are currently 6 mercenaries, and only 3 can show up in one game at most.

Note: Colour of mercenaries does not necessarily reflect their allegiance.


Cryoflame is a master of temperature. Utilizing two blasters that make the temperature either plummet or skyrocket, if the madly differing temperature doesn't kill you, the fire and the ice will.

Cryoflame is a purple tank with a one-eyed skull mask. Cryoflame also wears a large liquid tank on his back, with 2 tubes connected to his weapons: the Freeze Blaster and the Flame Blaster, differentiated by colour differences on the blasters. Cryoflame needs 1600 gold to hire for the first time, and +50 gold for subsequent re-hires.

Cryoflame's primary offense is, of course, his twin blasters. If this wasn't already obvious enough, the one with light blue colouring is the Freeze Blaster, while the one with orange colouring is the Flame Blaster. Yes, he can aim them despite appearances suggesting otherwise. Both blasters function by shooting a solid beam of their respective elements at the targets. Predictably, the ice beams do a relatively low damage and they freeze their targets in place for 30 seconds. The fire beams do high damage, and also do continuous damage for 30 seconds after the beams cease. Naturally, the beams cancel each other's effects out.

Besides the individual ice/fire beams, Cryoflame has a secondary attack, created by converging his beams on a single target. This creates his signature "Cryoflame" attack, which causes the target to simultaneously get slowed by 50% and take heavy continuous damage for 20 seconds. However, this is less effective against lots of enemies. He also has an extremely ineffective form of melee attack typically only used as a last resort, and that is to use his guns as clubs and bludgeon his enemies, doing low damage.

Fort Engine

Fort Engine's construction and repairing skills are the stuff of legend. It is said that any machine that he comes across is blessed with longevity as well as godly efficiency.

Fort Engine is an orange tank outfitted with a black helmet. Said helmet is decorated with an orange streak in the middle and 2 large horns, as well as 2 smaller stubs below them. Fort Engine needs 1800 gold to hire for the first time, and +40 gold for subsequent re-hires.

Fort Engine's sole weapon is the Omega Construct, a heavily modified Launcher. Its function is similar to that of the Builder, as it creates entire structures at once. It has a low fire rate of 7 seconds per shot, but it creates a random turret every time it fires, including:

  • Gun Turret
  • Heavy Turret
  • Machine Gun Turret
  • Gatling Turret
  • Missile Launcher
  • Flamethrower
  • Mortar
  • Caltrop
  • Grappling Hook
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Ricochet Turret

The construction time of each turret is the same as normal once it pops out of the Omega Construct. These turrets are marked with a small orange aura around them, and are not permanent; they self-destruct after 30 seconds, exploding and doing damage to everything around them. If destroyed by normal means, they also explode.

Besides building turrets, the Omega Construct is also capable of firing a green beam at any structure or vehicle, repairing it and giving it a +15% boost in damage and speed. Unfortunately, Fort Engine is incapable of other methods of attacking.


Rumour has it that X-Terminator can hit a mosquito from across a battlefield while there's an actual battle going on. This level-headed sniper never misses- rumour also has it that her aim is so good that she causes those nearby to aim better.

X-Terminator is a light grey tank, though you couldn't tell by a simple glance at her; most of her body is encased in a set of grey armour, with much of the exposed light grey being covered with a dark red visor. X-Terminator needs 2000 gold to hire for the first time, and +45 gold for subsequent re-hires.

X-Terminator wields a sniper rifle with 2 barrels and a green aiming laser, known as the Headhunter Rifle. Said rifle fires 2 incredibly fast, high damaging bullets that have slight homing properties: they will home into whatever is being targeted by the aiming laser. To complement this, X-Terminator has one of the highest detection ranges in the entire game, being able to spot a target from half the map away. To compensate however, the fire rate is incredibly slow; it takes up to 10 seconds for X-Terminator to take a single shot. It does, however, do +200% damage against structures and vehicles. Like Cryoflame, X-Terminator also has a weak melee attack- whacking enemies with her rifle.

The Black Baron

The Black Baron isn't known as the Shadow of the Skies for nothing- when the mighty Aero Cephalo flies overhead, the vast expanse of darkness from its mere shadow is enough to send warriors below into panic, shortly before destruction.

The Black Baron's actual tank body is red. Much of it is however obscured by a brown aviator's cap, complete with goggles. He also wears a cloth mask with the image of a winged skull on it. His massive fighter plane, the Aero Cephalo however is mostly black, with white highlights. The winged skull appears on 2 white patches on its wings. The Black Baron needs 2500 gold to hire for the first time, and +50 gold for subsequent re-hires.

The Black Baron on his own isn't that useful. His main method of attack is to hit enemies with his sledgehammer, doing heavy damage and knocking them back quite far. In the Aero Cephalo however, his usefulness increases by tenfold. The frontal machine gun functions more like a Streamliner, as it fires many bullets in a straight line. Said machine gun also deals damage equivalent to a Triplet with every stat maximized. The Aero Cephalo also carries 10 bombs that do 2000 damage to all ground units in a limited range.

Do note that the Aero Cephalo has a health pool separate to that of the Black Baron himself, and if it is destroyed in mid-air, the Black Baron will escape via parachute as the Aero Cephalo crashes elsewhere, doing massive damage to anything it lands on.


Rumbler is a bit of a mess. While he is undeniably a strong warrior and demolition man, off the battlefield he's incredibly antisocial and refuses to speak to others. He's seen some things. Terrible things. Perhaps this is why he wields two massive melee weapons to stab and crush with; maybe he just wants others to stay away.

Rumbler is a dark green tank with a grey mask/helmet hiding roughly half his face. He requires 1750 gold to hire for the first time, and +50 gold for subsequent re-hires.

As mentioned before, he wields 2 large melee weapons. In his right hand is the Wrecker Hook, a large grappling hook/sickle combination that lets him drag targets towards him, quickly close in on a structure, and slash at enemies. The grappling hook can reach targets as far away as 6 times his own body length. In his left hand is the Groundpounder, a handheld pile driver that strikes a target at very close range up to 4 times per second. This combination of weapons allows Rumbler to latch onto a target, quickly reach it, and smash it to pieces for rapid destruction of structures.

Alternatively, he may use the Groundpounder to, well, pound the ground, causing tremors that do light damage to everything nearby as well as messing up their aim. This attack does 500% damage to structures, unfortunately including friendly ones. Fortunately, however, Rumbler prefers to recklessly rush into enemy grounds, smashing everything he can before retreating.

The Mole

The Mole, true to her name, lurks underground a lot. Striking from underneath with her drill, she's gotten so good at this she can impale something only by listening. Of course, if she doesn't want to bother with precision, she can always excavate everything with her excavator-tank hybrid, the Gravedigger.

The Mole is a yellow tank with a pentagonal grey helmet. On that helmet are 2 horns and a large lamp, similar to those on mining helmets. Said lamp also has 24 pink triangles sticking out of it. Her tank, the Gravedigger, is a large treaded vehicle with a coffin-shaped body, 6 headlights and, of course, 2 massive bucket wheels that spin horizontally like a pair of monstrous gears. She requires 2750 gold to hire, and +75 gold for subsequent re-hires.

The Mole, similar to the Black Baron, only has 1 melee weapon. However, unlike the Baron, hers- the Hellbreaker Drill- is extremely strong, doing continuous damage to anything on the business end of the drill, and does 2x damage to vehicles and structures. However, it overheats after 15 seconds of continuous usage. Both the Hellbreaker drill and the Mole's tank, the Gravedigger, can also dig trenches and underground tunnels for convenient travel. The ones dug by the Gravedigger are massive, and entire vehicles can fit inside. Said tunnels are completely hidden from the surface and can only be accessed by holes at the surface. The Gravedigger also tears apart anything that comes into contact with the bucket wheels, especially structures.

Do note that the Gravedigger has a health pool separate to that of the Mole herself, and if it is destroyed, it will break down and act as an indestructible barrier for all teams, while the Mole herself escapes the vehicle and continues to fight. Also, tunnels can collapse if they are hit by grenades from a Grenade Launcher, bombs from a Bomber or the Aero Cephalo, missiles from a Missile Truck, or Rumbler's Groundpounder weapon, instantly burying and killing all exposed tanks inside them. Tanks inside vehicles, the vehicles themselves, or the Mole herself will not be harmed, though the former two will remain buried underground unless dug out via trenches.



Similar to Domination and Mothership, there are various messages broadcast to players. These include:

Note: If more than one mercenary spawns, their spawn messages will show up one by one.
  • THE ______ TEAM'S LEADER HAS BEEN KILLED BY ______! (broadcast when a team leader is killed)
  • THE ______ TEAM HAS COLLAPSED! (broadcast when all of a team's members are killed)
  • ______ HAS WON THE GAME! (broadcast when there is only one team left standing)
  • The temperature of the battlefield has lost control over itself... (Cryoflame's spawn message)
  • The rise of machinery has been initiated... (Fort Engine's spawn message)
  • You feel like you are being closely monitored... (X-Terminator's spawn message)
  • The Sun has been blotted out... (The Black Baron's spawn message)
  • Even the mightiest bunkers will crumble... (Rumbler's spawn message)
  • The ground feels hollow... (The Mole's spawn message)
  • ______ has been slain by ______! (broadcast when a mercenary is killed)



No matter which team you play for, there is one thing that is always valid: DEFEND YOUR LEADER AT ALL COSTS. He/She is the key to the survival of the whole team, and without him/her, everyone of your team basically automatically loses.

When the game starts, it is not advised to rush down the enemy early as the map is huge and by the time you find the enemy team(s), they may have already prepared powerful defenses. This does vary with each team however. Building a defense of your own is recommended, even more so when your team has occupied a Castle or Fortress. If possible, dig some trenches and connect them to a river to form a moat. Gold Mines are extremely valuable ground and are to be captured as quick as possible, earning gold for the whole team. The golden time to strike the enemy varies with each team; see below for more information. Usually however it is somewhere a few minutes in, where your team has prepared many weapons and resources. Late into the game, where there are only 2-3 teams remaining, it is mostly recommended to go full offensive if you are on the stronger team, and full defensive if you are on the weaker.

Be wary when driving vehicles as they take you and your passengers with them when they are destroyed. Be extremely alert for caltrops and structures that are capable of doing heavy damage quickly as it could spell doom for everyone on board. If you are piloting a Fighter or Bomber then you should have relatively less things to worry about as the aircraft can evade bullets fired by turrets quite easily. Do watch out for any missiles though. Warships are the safest, but they may not be always available as an option.

As a Team Leader

Never wander off on your own, and always stick to your troops. Use your abilities wisely; sometimes you may use a high-damaging ability on a single target, only for an army to arrive afterwards. High-damaging abilities like Bullet Bombing and Hyper Beam should only be used against very-high-priority targets, for example a Tank, or a huge crowd of enemies. Using them against an enemy Team Leader is possible, but more often than not they will try to do the same thing against you. Try to destroy enemy structures as much as possible, but stay away from those that can do heavy damage at once, particularly enemy exclusive structures.

Against a Team Leader

The best way to defeat a Team Leader is with another Team Leader and a raiding group of sufficient size as well as firepower. Since heavy damage is required to defeat a Team Leader, it is usually wise to lure enemy Team Leaders to your base, where many friendly structures are stationed. This is however not the case if the enemy's army is stronger than your defenses. Vehicles help a lot as well, serving as tanky distractions while simultaneously doing considerable damage. The Tank is particularly good at this, being able to deal up to 3000 damage in one hit, but its low speed and low reload means that the enemy can easily retaliate against it. A large squad of Tanks should be sufficient to quickly rush down anything in their way. Bombers are even better, being able to strike freely against the enemy without too much fear of being hit. The best option against a Team Leader, however, is the Missile Truck, since it can deliver heavy damage both accurately and quickly enough to heavily cripple the Team Leader with relatively little resistance.

As Blue

Find a good place to set up your base, preferably with a Fortress or a Large Castle. Build as many structures as possible and place Advanced Healing Stations wisely; 2 Advanced Healing Stations adjacent to each other is a very powerful combo as they will keep healing themselves. Get a few Trappers to set up a large Trap wall and regularly enforce it so that nothing gets through. Force Fields can be placed to cover valuable structures (like Gold Mines), and even each other if necessary. Staying defensive throughout the game is important for survival, as Blue lacks offensive tank classes. If possible, build a large Train track around your base and place a Train (preferably with a few Rail Guns) to patrol it; this makes for a passable mobile defense force that can run away and alert teammates if damaged.

Against Blue

Outlasting Blue is nigh-impossible, so don't do it. Instead, try to rush them down as quickly as possible. Get enough gold to build yourself a Tank or a Bomber, then get to it quickly before they can setup and become unstoppable in the late game. Force Fields can be destroyed by vehicles relatively easily, but since they are vulnerable to Trappers and caltrops (of which Blue has many), setting up a Flamethrower right in front of a Force Field would be more effective. Force Fields combined with Advanced Healing Stations however is a completely different story; it can be a complete nightmare to deal with. 2 or more Force Fields are even worse, with one taking damage while the other regenerates. In those cases, the only way to quickly dispose of a Force Field would be a Laser, as it can penetrate the Force Field and hit the generator directly, but only Red has access to it. Yellow has the Railgun which also helps a lot. However, even a Railgun cannot destroy a Force Field alone as the regeneration speed of the latter is faster than the reload rate of the former. As for the other teams, the best bet is to ram a few vehicles into it to swiftly dispose of the Force Field itself, then quickly gun down the generator while you still can.

As Red

Go full aggro. Always go full aggro as Red. Since you spawn at level 45, you can immediately upgrade to an aggressive tank class and start attacking. Cheap, fast vehicles like the Jeep usually serve well as either distractions from other forces or as the main force of attack, though they are usually better off with tougher vehicles like an APC. Advanced Gatling Turrets have a very high damage output but they can only target one enemy at a time; this leaves them susceptible to, ironically, aggressive rushes... which happens to be the specialty of Red. The Laser has no such problem as it can cut a wide swath in the enemies, crippling enemy troops if not destroying them outright. It, in turn, is vulnerable to aircraft (due to the simple fact that it can't aim upwards), which the Advanced Gatling Turret crushes like a tin can. Thus, the 2 exclusive structures of Red should be placed together. If you are ever forced into the defensive, be sure to build a LOT of barriers to fall back on; Red Tank classes lack defense.

Against Red

Should you ever encounter Red when the game starts, just run, unless your class happens to counter the enemy's class(es). They are particularly dangerous in the early game, where other teams may not be able to construct vital structures. Speaking of structures, most usually do not fare well against Red due to their sheer firepower. Not even a Force Field will last long against Red's constant onslaught. The Deflector, on the other hand, works wonders, but it is only available to Purple. Speaking of Purple, they counter Red best due to their equally heavy firepower (though more spread out), the aforementioned Deflector, and the fact that the Purple Team Leader can use Bullet Bombing- a great ability to use against single-directional targets. No matter which team you are playing as, however, you should try to force Red into defensive, as they will not fare well in the late game.

As Green

Possessing one of the most powerful classes in the game, the Overlord, Green can easily dominate when in one-on-one situations, so try to pick off lone, stray tanks if you see them. Since Drones get positively destroyed in bullet storms, stay away from Red and Purple. Grey on the other hand is a good target because they rely on body damage, which can be easily countered by a huge horde of drones right to the face. Advanced Missile Launchers are good against quite literally everything as they have enough reload to quickly neutralize both big tanky targets and big hordes of tanks. The only weakness of it is against a high-health target accompanied by a LOT of Healing Stations and/or Repair Bots, as the Advanced Missile Launcher will not stop attacking a target until it has been destroyed. The Turbo Booster is always handy for increasing Drone production rate or healing rate of other structures, and may even boost the fire rate of a Tank or any other slow-firing turret.

Against Green

Against the players themselves, a truckload of bullet spam should do the trick. Do note however that they have extra drones and usual strategies may not work. Blue and Grey players should try to stay away as their exclusive classes are naturally weak to Green's exclusive classes. Advanced Missile Launchers are very hard to take care of as they do damage both hard and fast. Its main weakness however, is that it only targets one thing at a time, so the best solution would be have a fast target (say, a Booster) to distract it and have something else kill it. Turbo Boosters are really just annoying alone; you can go rush in and kill it as long as there's not much resistance around it. Try taking out the Green Team from afar; Their drones can only be controlled at a limited distance and if they right-click, all the drones will leave them and they will be left defenseless.

As Purple

You have many powerful weapons to use against nearly every other team, including Deflector for Red and Yellow, Advanced Flamethrower for Grey and Yellow, and your own bullet spam to fight all of it. The only team that Purple has possible trouble with is Blue, since defensive Traps can block the bullet spam, and they are even more defensive than Purple is. In those cases, try to gather as many allies as you can, and then attempt to rush down Blue as fast as possible. The Deflector is an amazing wall, being able to turn your opponent's heavy firepower against them, but it is weak against missiles, the Laser and Railgun, and most importantly plain old body damage, which means that a random Grey player can just walk over and smash it to death without worry of destroying themselves (immune to body damage from Grey Leader's ability), so you might want to place some Flamethrowers near it. Conveniently, the other exclusive structure of Purple is the Advanced Flamethrower, which can quickly destroy rammers.

Against Purple

Purple can be one of the hardest teams to defeat, due to possessing counters to basically everything. As stated above, Blue possesses the most counters to Purple, as it carries great amounts of defensive and healing structures, which are able to easily out-heal and out-tank Purple's spread fire. Yellow also suffers relatively less compared to other teams, as its shots tend to have high penetration, but its reload also tends to be low, and that's a problem. Grey suffers the most against Purple because they tend to have bad bullet power, aside from the Fighter and Booster. The Deflector is potentially the most devastating structure in the whole game, being able to deflect most ammunition, but thankfully Red and Yellow have the Laser and Railgun respectively, so they have less trouble dealing with it. The Advanced Flamethrower isn't too dangerous normally, but it explodes into fire when destroyed, making it a huge threat towards targets near it.

As Yellow

Since all Yellow team members get a passive invisibility boost AND heavy weaponry, a strategy you can perform is stay still and turn invisible as a Destroyer class, then wait for an enemy to approach. When they come close, it's one-shot time. Do watch out for Red and Purple though. Alternatively, you could use an Assassin/Hunter class instead and snipe them from afar, and when they come close to inspect, turn invisible. You can take out the defensive Blues quite easily as they tend to stay defensive and not retaliate, letting you strike and strike again. The Advanced Mortar and Railgun are both capable of delivering huge damage in a single strike, but take a long time to reload. Thus, they should be well protected and placed in the back lines of defense to ensure they have the highest chance to hit.

Against Yellow

Yellow's main weakness is its lack of Reload, thus they need great skill to actually hit their targets. Thus, Grey can evade Yellow's shots relatively easily due to its high movement speed, but they still need to watch out due to their high Bullet Speed. Blue also has a relatively easier time against Yellow due to their defensive tactics, Traps and both of its exclusive structures. The Railgun's shot is extremely devastating, one-shotting literally everything except for Force Field, but since it has a rather obvious charging effect over the course of one minute, a Sandbag can be used to block the shot due to it being a structure. This is rather risky however, as if placed too early, the Railgun's AI may change its target. There is not much you can do against the Advanced Mortar, except go up close and kill it since it can't target close enemies.

As Grey

Grey mainly utilizes Body Damage to its advantage, as its exclusive tank classes support. Since you are immune to both bullet knockback and enemy body damage, your best bet against targets would be to charge in, ram and hope you kill your enemies before they kill you. The Advanced Grappling Hook may seem underpowered compared to other Advanced exclusive structures, but it can grab vehicles and even other structures, something the normal Grappling Hook cannot do. It also does damage, and is able to damage the target or even kill it if its health is low enough. Even if it doesn't die, you can still charge in and ram it to death. The Circus Cannon is among one of the most unique structures in the game, but its usage should be similar to a ramming Annihilator with heavy body damage. Do note that it can be used as an emergency escape method if you are under attack.

Against Grey

Grey is actually rather easy to counter, despite its seemingly numerous advantages; Red and Purple has super-heavy bullet spam which can kill Grey rather easily, but do note that it is immune to bullet knockback. Blue can give it a hard time trying to attack by creating walls, Yellow can stay invisible and ambush it, and Green... can't really do much except fight it head-on. If you ever get targeted by the Advanced Grappling Hook, then you are as good as dead unless you manage to destroy it before it drags you into enemy territory. The Circus Cannon is powerful, but it does require sacrificial players to use as ammunition, so kill everyone and you're good against it.



  • World War was originally going to be a reenactment of the actual World Wars, with legitimate nations and alliances between them. This was later scrapped.
  • The Necromancer cannot be accessed in World War. This is due to the lack of Polygons.
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