The Worldbreaker is a boss tank that has a 50% chance to spawn after an arena closes. After it's death, whoever killed it becomes a Worldbreaker and stays like that after 1 death, the death from arena closers. Player-controlled Worldbreakers do not give the form of the Worldbreaker upon death. Worldbreaker barrels stick out and are bigger than the tank itself, like the bullet it fires.


Has a barrel bigger than itself. That's pretty much it.


Pulse Of Destruction:

The Worldbreaker crushes his next bullet, making it explode and killing all living things around him. This is done using right-click.

Black Hole:

Launches a special bullet that sucks everything but the Worldbreaker into it, then explodes, killing everything around it. Tanks will however move slowly and may escape the explosion. This attack is done with spacebar.


Shoots a missile that shoots like an Octo-tank, with the build 10/10/10/0/10/10/10/0, but otherwise acts like a normal Worldbreaker bullet. This attack is done using shift.

World Destruction:

Happens upon death, deals infinite damage to everything in the arena. Usually causes complete restart (or at least its effects) to the server.

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