The Wrecker is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Smasher. It cannot upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


It looks like the Smasher, but has an octagonal base instead of a hexagonal one.


The Wrecker has a wrecking ball that is connected to the body via a very thin black line. The wrecking ball itself has a red outline and is colored barrel gray. When the Wrecker is not in motion, the wrecking ball is situated beneath the body. As the Wrecker accelerates, the ball starts swinging around the Wrecker. The distance it swings from the Wrecker depends on how fast the Wrecker is going. If the Wrecker is going faster, the ball's distance from the tank is greater and vice versa. The speed at which the ball swings is constant and cannot be changed. The ball is indestructible and takes its properties from your Body Damage stat.

When a tank or polygon hits the wrecking ball, it will only deal damage once regardless of how big the object is and will not deal damage again unless it hits again. The damage dealt is 1/2 of the damage that would be sustained if the target were to hit the Wrecker and glance off of it. However, the wrecking ball will always one-shot polygons under the Heptagon and Crashers.


  • Partially based off of one of Dingbat1911's ideas.
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