The Wrecker is a Tier 2 Tank that can be upgraded from the Tank. It can further upgrade to the Destroyer, the Hunter, the Overseer, or the Trapper classes.


The Wrecker features a circular body, with a large rectangular Cannon which fires a huge and very strong Bullet.


Changes to Base Stats upon upgrading from the Tank:
  • Bullet Penetration is multiplied by 5/4 and Damage is multiplied by 6/4
  • Bullet Size is multiplied by 3/2
  • Reload is divided by 2
  • Bullet Speed is 1.25x slower
  • Recoil is multiplied by 4


  • Strong Against: Melee Classes, slow moving tanks, most unsuspecting tanks within a short range.
  • Weak Against: Snipers, Skilled Drone users, Crasher swarms if caught off-guard.

As the Wrecker

  • Putting some points into Reload will let players take advantage of the recoil, allowing quick movement around the map. This can be an advantage for ramming Wreckers. Ramming is an effective technique for the Wrecker, as the boost ability allows the Wrecker to kill an opponent very fast, and if it fails, it can recoil away. If a Wrecker also has points in Bullet Damage and/or Bullet Penetration, it can shoot at its opponent to escape, seriously injuring them.
  • With its distinctively large Bullets and the significant damage increase, the Wrecker can also deal heavy damage with its Bullets.
  • By maxing Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration, the Wrecker’s Bullets can deal massive damage to tanks and stop huge amounts of returning fire.

Against the Wrecker


A Wrecker.

  • Killing a Wrecker can be difficult in many cases, as most Wreckers can either build Bullet Damage or Body Damage. Wreckers are often easily picked off at range due to their slow projectile and limited FoV, so using Sniper and its upgrades are effective. It is also recommended to swarm projectiles at the Destroyer from all angles, as the lack of defense other than the recoil can completely annihilate the Wrecker.
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