Although nobody have seen a fusion before, this abomination shouldn't even exist. We have observed it vanishing and reappearing out of existence to the point where our sense of reality is breaking. It speaks as three... all uniform and breathing as if they are alive... It switches images of the three familiars... The first three polygonal protectors... The image of the boss can be deceiving, sometimes it can remain stable... It has intentions... Desires... Goals... We don't know what they are, but we fear it could be enter the Arena... Don't look at it, you'll be forever corrupted... It lives in an oblivion that nobody should ever come in close proximity. As I speak I'm in the room where it was created, the other two are just cleaning up what's left... The stains of Yellow, Red, and, Pink on the walls are a constant reminder of what I fear the most.. I was, and still am afraid of the tank who even thought of this monstrosity..

Honestly I kinda feel sorry for them. Wait... Guys? Where did you g-*Static*

*The call picks back up in the hands of another entity; The one they created. The one they call the Summoner answers the call.*

This is the place where we ended up. The medium-sized help driven Crasher who calls herself the Guardian, the rather small triangle who is shy and doesn't want any stranger to touch them who calls himself the Defender, and me. The square who wants to be around his friends, who calls himself, myself, the Summoner. I've found myself in a predicament which I actually kinda like. Being in this situation is unsettling to me, but I have grown to accept that I am my own friend. Literally.

We have arrived. I have arrived. We are one.


X́͏y̵͞v̵ ̀W̡͢͠d͝t̨́ćf̕͏̛g̛zs͘͠ȩ̛z͢gk͜ ͜ is a boss that can spawn in any gamemode. Its HP is at 15,000, but it flips between positive and negative values. They are the three familiars, Guardian, Summoner, and Defender. They feature Three Auto Turrets, Four Spawners, Three Launchers, and One singular Mounted Spawner.


Xyv's profile. Glitchy...

Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk features a brown hendecagon (11 Sided Polygon) as a base with Three Auto Turrets mounted at the front, Four Spawners, Two mounted on the sides, and Three Launchers at the back. Mounted on the top of Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk is a mounted Spawner. All in all, this is a combination between Guardian, Summoner, and Defender.


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Xyv's health oscillates between 15,000 and -15,000 at random moments. While negative, its hp is not able to go under -15,000, and health regain doesn't apply unless the health is a positive integer. Its health regeneration is about 40 HP per second. When killed, it rewards 120,000 EXP.


  • Xyv, not glitched

    If a Drone hits Xyv, it has a 50% chance of becoming part of its team, the Drone's color will turn pitch black and charge at players. When hitting the player, their screen will darken by 75%, with glitch effects added, and they have a small chance to become a corrupted tank, acting like an AI enemy. Players can revert after 4-10 seconds after this effect.
  • Drones created by Xyv can charge at you but if shot, they will lose HP and teleport somewhere else. They will die immediately if hitting a tank body, dealing massive damage to the tank. Sometimes drones can be disproportionate in size, but the hitbox is constant. Some drones may dilate in visible sizes, but not actual size. This can be very confusing. The drones texture may also be slightly off center of its hitbox.
  • Bullets fired by Xyv can do some pretty disturbing things. They move in a zig-zag pattern, moving from side to side extremely fast, making some of the bullets have a "damage field" rather than a single small projectile. The zigzags decay over time, so if newly shot it will be erratic, but as it gets further form the boss, it will be less jittery. Sometimes bullets will bounce off of walls and reactivate the dramatic zigzag motion.
  • Traps created by Xyv will act very normal... But they will gravitate towards players as they get closer. The traps will also spin as it begins following you. When a trap hits you, it will cause the screen to become full of static and glitched flashes for a couple of seconds, and then teleport you to a random location near the boss.
  • If a triangle touches Xyv, it becomes a corrupted miniature Defender. If a tank touches Xyv, the screen will flash and turns it into a corrupted tank, essentially killing the user. the side spawners create the corrupted Summoner Squares.

How to kill

Xyv will gain health when they are at negative health and take damage then flip to positive, so this boss is a challenge. To tell its health is negative, its health bar will be red instead of green. Only damage Xyv if they are at positive HP and keep on shooting.

Death Animation

When Xyv dies, it will begin flashing and glitching very fast, and then it collapses into a Vortex of Gray and Black that disappears after 5 minutes. If you enter, prepare to see something you wish to never see..


  • This is the original concept of the boss, a time were Hendecagons were unstable polygons.
  • The naming of this boss actually is a encrypted cipher.
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