He was born hot and angry but plays cool and fiercely now.

Y Tank is a Gladiator Boss that is made by Tungster24. Do not steal or copy.


It has 25,000 health and a 5% chance of replacing a Fallen Booster spawn. It spawns in any gamemode except Maze.


The body is a purple planet thingy (Y dwarf) with a Fighter-like barrel arrangement. The front one is much wider and has a ranger-like look with a small spike that deals damage when touched. The two back barrels are normal barrels with spikes that also deal damage.The side cannons are hunter cannons that spray bullets like the old mechanism of the hunter. All barrels shoot purple bullets.


Warmer: Turns red and shoots bullets 4x faster for 15 seconds.

Cooler: Turns darker and doubles damage for 15 seconds.

Swarm: The side cannons slowly get absorbed into the body and spawners slowly come out. Summons mini Y-shaped tanks with only a front cannon like a factory minion.

Streamer: Ranger cannon gets slowly absorbed and a streamliner cannon comes out. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Full Purge: Turns orange and does the effects of Cooler, Heater, Swarm, and Streamer. Much lower chance to happen.

Gravity: Increases body damage by 8x and attracts players with gravity in an 18 background square radius.

Stay Away: Shoots five rings of 20 bullets.

Come here: Shoots two chains of 35 bullets that stick to players. Whoever they stick to dies or survives with very low HP because the chains inflict Burning for 10 seconds.

Spinner: All cannons get absorbed and ten evenly spaced bullets are shot 20 times in quick succession. Lasts 10 seconds.


  • The body is a Y dwarf, a type of brown dwarf.
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