The Yellow Falcon is collective group of enemies that may be encountered randomly in, regardless of game modes. Each have different characteristics and behaviors.


The Yellow Falcon has four divisions. These divisions are used to determine what type of Yellow Falcon enemies will spawn on a location if allowed. While most enemies may appear in any game mode, some enemies tend to spawn more frequently in a given game mode, such as in Maze.

The divisions are as follow:

  • Militants: The lowest rank of Yellow Falcon units. They are the most common to encounter. Usually, they have low health and are an easy enemy to deal with, although a mass number of them are pretty deadly. Militants are usually accompanied by Mechanisms, and they may sometimes found along with Captains.
  • Mechanisms: Yellow Falcon rank composed mostly of stationary units. They take more damage than the Infantry units, and usually uses Auto Turrets as their main weapon. They are usually found with Militants, but they never spawn along with Creeps.
  • Creeps: This rank are formed by Yellow Falcon with strange, bizarre designs. As such, they range from low-health melee attackers to durable creatures shooting other from their rank division. They have a higher ranking than the Mechanisms due to their hard-to-counter tactics that may exploit the players' weaknesses. Militants rarely accompanies them, while they may be found alongside Captains, depending on type. However, Creeps do not spawn with Mechanisms together.
  • Captains: The highest rank of Yellow Falcon, they are the leaders of said group, if compared to lower divisions. They act as Mini-Bosses of their own right, with their firepower almost matching those from the actual Bosses such as the Guardian or the Fallen Booster. They spawn the rarest out of all Yellow Falcon enemies, and no multiple Captain enemies of the same kind may spawn in a single server. Depending on the kind of Captain that spawns, certain types of lower ranking Yellow Falcon units may accompany and fight alongside them.



Generally, the Yellow Falcon are hostile towards all players, regardless of their teams. They have the same detection range, no matter their division. They do not attempt to escape or surrender when low on health, and instead continues to attack, even if there are no hope for them to survive. Each enemies have different movement and attack pattern, though. Likewise, they also attack captured Dominators, which if they succeed, can turn those as contested.

List of Enemies




"These walkers may be weak, but watch out for their occasional shots."

Chargers are the most common and weakest enemy unit of the Yellow Falcon. They have a yellow circular body with a small cannon on their front which looks like the same size from that of the Gunner Trapper. On their back is an auto turret, but with no visible cannons mounted to it. Upon spawning, they stay stationary, until they detect a player from their small radius (on which usually players otherwise can see them before Chargers see them), on which they will charge straight towards, hence their name. They cannot change their angle while moving towards, although sometimes they may stop moving, either to shoot from their cannon, or to change angle and charge again. If they charged towards a Maze wall, they will immediately charge to another angle without delays. If a Charger successfully hits a player, they deal very high Body Damage (around 60 DP), usually killing the player. They have a very low health though, the same with Yellow Squares (10 HP). However, the bullet fired from their cannon is actually deadly, and can kill a tank with low Max Health upgrade in one shot.

Watch Guard


"They watch intruders and strike them either with simple three or perfect precision one."

Watch Guards are enemies that are a bit higher than Chargers in terms of hierarchy of Yellow Falcon. They have the same yellow circular body of Chargers, but their small cannon is the same length of that of Ranger, complete with a trapezoid base, and no auto turret. Suggested by their name, Watch Guards are stationary, spinning in place if no players are being detected. Upon detecting one, they attack by either shooting a stream of three small bullets that all follow the same trajectory but usually misses, or a single but very precise shot towards the target. Both bullets are still as deadly as from the Chargers. Watch Guards still have the same low health Chargers have, though, but still possess the deadly Body Damage they have.



"They only pop out when they are going to rain down bombs, so better watch out!"

Skyblasters are stationary enemies that are quite hard to deal with. They generally look like yellow circles with a larger circle around with the color of the tiles, and a miniature version of Sitebomber Launcher. Upon spawning, they look like translucent circles and cannot be hurt. They will only start attacking and revealing their true appearance when a player approaches. They attack by firing a dropbomb that moves slowly (noticeable with the shadow). The dropbomb then splits into three smaller dropbombs that goes to different directions. The dropbombs then actually drop and explodes on certain locations. Each explosion cover a small radius, but they possess 5x the deadliness of a Charger's bullet. Skyblasters themselves may only be hit when exposing themselves, which takes around two to three seconds, before hiding again. They still have the low health, but they do not possess the deadly Body Damage other units have.

Gun Operator


"Don't treat these fighters as weak, as they may gun you down with their firepower!"

Gun Operators are the Yellow Falcon's main artillery architect. They look like yellow circles with a Gunner Dominator weapon setup on its front, but instead of a trapezoid base covering the cannons, a large ovular base that also covers almost half the Operator's body is present instead. They are immobile units. Upon spawning, they wait until a player approaches their detection radius, upon which they will fire three bullets per stream, with an interval between each stream. Still, the bullets are as powerful as the Charger's While firing though, they cannot turn around, only during their firing pause. Unlike other Militants, they have higher health than the others, posing real threat if not dispatched earlier, while still possessing the same deadly Body Damage.

Shooter Agent


"They are devoted to protect what is special to them, by keeping out any intruders."

One of the enemies that spawn when fighting Security Cores, Shooter Agents are units who try to protect the Cores, along with the two other types of Agents. They look like yellow circles with a gray circle on their center and a Charger's small cannon on their front. Unlike most other Yellow Falcon units, they can only spawn when a Security Core is being attacked by players. They have a variation of movement. They either run across the Core/s' front while firing their cannon, make skipping movement with their shots directed towards players, or try to align players and shoot them. They are still weak just like Chargers. It is unknown whether they have the deadly Body Damage most Yellow Falcon units have, as players cannot ram them due to a fence that bounces players away from the Security Core/s.

Grenadier Agent


"If bullets don't work, then bombs should, so expect them to throw explosives at you!"

Grenadier Agents are another of those who try to protect the Security Cores. Like Shooter Agents, they have yellow circles with a gray circle on their center, but they use a Sitebomber weapon instead. Unlike Shooter Agents, Grenadier Agents can only either run across or align with players as their movement pattern. As their name possibly implies, they launch dropbombs as their main attack against players. Unlike dropbombs that Skyblasters launch, these ones do not split on air, but they still have the same explosion range and damage from the splitted dropbombs. They are still simply weak like other Agents.

Mine Roller Agent


"Knowing mines are dangerous, they use those as method to make you go out of nowhere."

Mine Roller Agents are again enemies that spawn only if the Security Cores are being attacked by players. They look like yellow circles with the same grey circle on their center like the other Agents, and they have a spawner on their front overlapped weirdly by a trapezoidal base from that of a Ranger. Their only movement pattern is to run across on the Security Core/s' front, while spawning down Roll Mine. These Roll Mines have the same properties with normal ones. Mine Roller Agents are again, fairly weak like others.



The basic defense cannons of Yellow Falcon, Roto-Turrets are sentries that can be mostly found attached to walls. If they spawn in game modes other than Maze, a makeshift wall will appear, were the turrets are attached. Roto-Turrets looks simply like a grey rectangle with an auto turret attached to its exposed side. The auto turret has the same weapon with Charger's small cannon. Roto-Turrets initially have their weapons retracted, and they will only show up when a player approaches. They fire the same way as Gun Operators, although they fire only one bullet before turning, and have higher health than those. They do not receive or deal Body Damage though. Destroying a Roto-Turret will make it explode that deals slight damage. If all Roto-Turrets and other Mechanisms attached to a makeshift wall are destroyed, the wall will explode.

Hidden Cannon

Hidden Cannons are the main ambush/trap units of the Yellow Falcon. They look like gray squares that are 2x bigger than the Necromancer's body, and an even larger auto turret beneath it. Upon spawning, they start invisible until they detect a player, on which they will reveal themselves. While still having the same deadly damage of their bullets and Body Damage from other Yellow Falcon units, they fire more like actual auto turrets, without needing to stop firing before turning around. Once revealed, though, Hidden Cannons do not become invisible again. They are a bit tougher than Roto-Turrets.

Roll Mine

Roll Mines are special enemies that belongs to the Mechanisms division of Yellow Falcon. They look like long yellow rectangles with grey bands on the sides. Unlike most other Mechanisms, Roll Mines can only spawn with a small chance by itself when a Security Core is being attacked by players. Otherwise, Mine Roller Agents can spawn them as their main weapon. Roll Mines can only move straight towards the players' side, but not directly towards them. When contact with a player tank is made, that player will receive intense body damage that usually ends up killing them. This will also cause the Roll Mine to explode, doing a bit damage on a small radius. If players dodged the Roll Mines, the Mines will still continue moving forward until three seconds passed or if they bump into a wall, on which they will explode by themselves. Roll Mines have 200 HP.

Wall Gun

The primary security weapon of Yellow Falcon's makeshift walls, Wall Guns are stationary turrets that have similarities to Roto-Turrets. They look like grey rectangle with a grey square on its exposed side. A very small auto turret is hidden on the square. As stated before, they are similar to Roto-Turrets, with some few differences. Wall Guns will most likely spawn along with a Security Core, and they have the same toughness. Otherwise, Wall Guns spawn very rarely without the Cores, as the Roto-Turrets will take their place most of the time. If all Security Cores on a makeshift wall that Wall Guns shared are destroyed, the Wall Guns will also be destroyed.

Security Core


Hidden Trap Wall








The weaklings if one considered, Twisties are the main units of the Yellow Falcon's Creeps division. They look like small circles of yellow color with four short non-firing cannons (as short as from the Flank Guard) equally spaced apart, with a short triangle between each. Upon spawn, they will move erratically and randomly, as if wandering aimlessly around their location. Their actual attack pattern will start if players approach their detection range. When players do, each Twisty will attempt to orbit one of the players. Around forming at least a single full orbit, they will suddenly move towards their target player to damage them with their deadly Body Damage, before continuing their orbit movement. They only stop orbiting and continue their wandering movement if players either died or leave the detection range from the Twisties' original location. Twisties have around 500 health.


Crawlers are the Creeps equivalent of Chargers. They look like yellow circles with an 8-pointed star shell, and a nonfunctional spawner on their back. They have the same attack pattern as Chargers: charging straight towards their target, stopping to change angle and charging again. However, since they lack cannons to shoot from, they instead have the ability to slowly strafe either left or right while charging. They still face towards their target while strafing, and they can strafe as much as they want. Otherwise, they have the same health and Body Damage with Chargers.

Wall Chomp


Chomp Vomit


Crawler Nest



Wall of Artillery

A fort equipped with arsenals of weapons, the Wall of Artillery is the most common Captain unit of Yellow Falcon. Generally, it looks simply like a makeshift wall with two Sitebomber launchers on its main front that defend a larger Security Core between those. The Core is equipped with a spawner that spawns Watch Guard directly on its front, which might act like pseudo-shields to the core itself. A maximum of five Watch Guards can spawn. The Sitebomber launchers fires dropbombs not too far from its front. The fight is pretty much simple: destroying the Security Core will defeat the Wall immediately. The Security Core is much tougher than normal, having a hefty 2000 health points.

Fire Ringer System

A specialized creation that includes hologram projections, as well as serving as a base server of Yellow Falcon, the Fire Ringer System is a Captain unit of Yellow Falcon. It looks like a makeshift wall with three large Security Cores, and three never-rotating turrets that each looks like a Triple Shot, all on its main side. The main component, which is hidden initially, appears as a slightly transparent gray circle with a very short Flamethrower igniter. This is situated behind the Cores and the turrets. The battle against the Fire Ringer System is divided in two phases. The first phases requires the tanks to destroy the Security Cores. Each Security Core can sustain 1000 damage before being destroyed. Note that destroying the Security Cores will not destroy the Triple Shot turrets. Upon the destruction of the Cores, phase two begins, where the main component appears behind the turrets. This component can move left/right or up/down (depending on which side of the wall the components are). Every second, it fires a single flame projectile that while it initially does very little damage, the burn effect guarantees death to whatever is hit by it. The main component has 2000 health. The Triple Shot turrets isn't needed to be destroyed to fully defeat the Fire Ringer System, but they can be destroyed (after receiving 500 damage) to make the battle easier.

Devastation Gate Guardian


Phantom Twins System


Warmonger Wheeled Fortress


Telekinetic Saucer


Mega-Sized Brute


Wall of Artillery MK.II


Head of the Hive


Heart of the Hive



  • The Yellow Falcon and all its enemies are massive reference to the enemies found in the NES version of Contra, which otherwise known in group as the "Red Falcon".
    • Most of the enemies are readjusted or have changed behaviors to fit's topdown gameplay.
    • It is unknown whether or not more enemies from the other titles will also be included. This is the reason why some of the arcade version exclusive ones such as "Necroid" (which if included, may be called as "Thrusting Stabbers" as based on their behavior) are not added.
    • The Militants represent the (brainwashed) human infantry enemies, the Mechanism representing the turrets and other mechanical enemies, the Creeps representing the aliens, and lastly, the Captains represent the bosses. "Dogra", or known here as Warmonger Wheeled Fortress, is technically a miniboss from the original game, but it was considered here with the same rank with actual bosses from the original game.
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