The eyesore begins its awakening... The monster of a thousand faces screeches pain through the last known phases...


Zelena is a member of the Sassa Club, a group of nine special Sassafras modified by Lord Sassafras to be "messengers" for him. Zelena will spawn 10 seconds after a Hexagon-affiliated Polypatron spawns instead of a Sassafras spawn somewhere in The Realm as part of an 7-day rotation to try to further irritate Hexen. He will spawn with the other seven active members of the Sassa Club every four cycles. He utilizes teleportation, lasers, and more instead of Sassafras Minions to gather IE Energy, despite being a Minion himself.


Zelena is a Sassafras Minion with a green body and three sets of four guns, and many eyes with green pupils on his body. However, only the central eye and the six surrounding it are true eyes; the others shoot lasers.

The Fight

Zelena spawns 10 seconds after a Hexagon-associated Polypatron spawns. Before players arrive, Zelena will be trying to absorb IE Energy from the Polypatron. Said Polypatron will ignore Zelena, since it is almost impossible to gather even a single IE Energy unit from Polypatrons (but Zelena is too focused on his task to remember that at that moment.) Zelena also spawns with 10 Sassafras Minions, and on occasion with 10-20 Tier 1 and 2 Legionnaires.

If Zelena notices a player, he will immediately switch targets and start attacking, his entourage in tow.

Phase 1

All of Zelena's lasers are light green like his body unless otherwise noted.

  • Spicy Spice: Zelena releases chili pepper bullets from his barrels, dealing extremely high damage and setting players on fire for constant burn damage (this is NOT Burning, it is damage that constantly ticks for 10 seconds.)
  • Revolver Flurry: Zelena fires all of his eye lasers randomly, dealing very high damage to players hit.
  • Humongo Beam: Zelena merges all of his eye lasers into one big laser, dealing massive damage to a single target.
  • Rail Shot: Zelena fires a single concentrated green laser into a player, dealing critically high damage.
  • Slicer Bolt: Zelena launches a laser with a serrated edge that does high damage and inflicts Burning for 3 seconds.
  • Bloom: Zelena spins in a circle as he releases a spiral of bullets that inflict Dazed for 5 seconds.
  • Eye See You: Zelena closes three of his eyes and the others flash, and IE Energy meteors rain down from above, instantly killing on contact. Luckily, their area of effect is small, and the meteors are fairly slow.
  • Flurry Beam: Zelena fires a short barrage of medium-damage lasers at a player.
  • Kickblast: Zelena combines 5 lasers into one, but instead of firing it, he absorbs its energy and releases it as an energy shockwave that deals medium damage and knockback.
  • Concentratalyst: Zelena fires off lasers and bullets at the same time for 8 seconds, before following up with 3 sets of rapid lasers and bullets in triple helix formations for 8 seconds.
  • Focal Lasers: Zelena selects seven players, and locks onto them with red lasers that steadily increase in damage from very low to very high, much like the War Machine's lasers.

Phase 2


Zelena in Phase 2.

In Phase 2, Zelena closes the rest of his eyes except his center one. Two sets of his central barrel merge into one, shorten, and become green, and the final set has its outer barrels angled outwards like a Hewn Double.


  • Barrage: Zelen fires his front barrels only at 250% increased reload for 5 seconds.
  • Focal Lasers Deux: Zelena selects only four players to focus lasers on, but the rate at which damage ticks is drastically increased from low to medium over 10 seconds.
  • Kickblast Deux: Zelena charges up an energy ball over his eye before blasting it out in 8 directions as lasers that deal medium damage on contact.
  • Bloom Deux: Zelena spins in a circle as he releases a spiral of bullets that inflict Dazed and Confused for 6 seconds.
  • Spicy Spice Deux: Zelena releases chili pepper bullets from his barrels, dealing extremely high damage and setting players on fire for constant burn damage (this is NOT Burning, it is damage that constantly ticks for 12 seconds.)
  • Razor Bolt: Zelena launches three lasers in rapid succession with serrated edges that deal high damage and inflict Burning for 5 seconds each.
  • Eye See You Two: Zelena blinks rapidly as his pupil flashes, causing IE Energy meteors to rain down from above, instantly killing on contact. The meteors are now a bit faster and hit a slightly larger area, but are still fairly easy to avoid if one watches out to see where they will land.
  • Surge Laser: Zelena crackles with green lightning as he uses a variation of Revolver Flurry, but with only one eye. After 8 seconds, he launches a massive laser beam in one direction at random.
  • Occult Beam: Zelena's eye expands to cover almost the entirety of his body, and he starts spinning while charging up a green, red, white, and tan beam that moves like a snake, hitting all players, weaving in between them for medium damage.
  • Triple Blast: Zelena releases a giant laser that he fires into the ground, making a massive laser. He then fires green bullets from his center barrels that inflict Spiced on contact for 32 seconds, while also firing barrages of bullets from his other barrels.
  • Shotpulse: Zelena fires a cloud of small bullets from his front barrels, followed by a volley of small lasers, followed by one massive laser coupled with several lasers out of his eye and other bullets from his other barrels.
  • Jiff Strike: Zelena spins rapidly as he fires powerful pulse lasers from his eye that home in on players, while he rushes around to ram into players while also firing his barrels, dealing 200% increased body damage.

Death Animation

Zelena stops moving, and closes all of his eyes, excluding the one in the center. The center eye will then close and a green mist will come out of him. He turns into a regular hexagon. The mist then dissipates, presumably teleporting back to the Realm of Sassafras.



  • Zelena is the only one in the Sassa Club without an obvious gender, although he's referred to as male in this phase. There is a theory that Zelena can change his gender at will, but only Lord Sassafras knows for sure...
  • Little known fact: Zelena and Happyfras are in a relationship. The logistics of this are better not explored.
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