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The Zephyr is one of the current Tier 4 upgrade options from the Tri-Angle and the Spider Gunner at level 45. The Zephyr may not upgrade any further as the tank is at the end of its upgrade line. A Collab between Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL


The old design of Zephyr


The Zephyr features a circular tank body as a base with a Cannon Mounted onto the front and the back, along with small Machine Guns to the back sides, like the ones on the Machine Gunner, but smaller and nerfed.


The Zephyr features a circular tank body with an Auto Twin Turret mounted on the top. Mounted on the back are Two Cannons, and on the front is another Cannon.


The Zephyr has the same stats as a Tri-Angle, excluding reload, which is slightly increased. FoV from the Tri-Angle is slightly increased as well. The most unique edition about the Zephyr is that it gradually gains speed over time. The Machine Gunner Cannons have the same stats as a regular Gunner and the front and back Cannons have the same stats as a Tank, although the back Cannon gradually has its reload increase to make the tank go faster. Max speed is Three Times that of Booster and it takes around a Minute and Ten Seconds to reach that max speed from the base speed, which is that of a Tri-Angle. The timer and the speed resets if you hit a Tank or any type of ammunition, or if you stop firing. The more speed you gain, the more sluggish your turning speed and control of the tank will be.